4v4 koth is sad

Who actually likes this, boring as anything. Koth was meant to be wild


I had this thought at first, but after playing a few hours on it I actually don’t mind it.


Dunno man, feels so slow now and the movement is slow again

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Yeah granted, the movement is surprisingly slow… I did prefer the movement in OP 4, I’ve just unfortunately tried to see past it. Hopefully they’ll speed it up a tad.

Can’t leave anything alone can they, do all the good stuff and then mess around with the already good stuff haha


Let’s hope it changes a little dude. Maybe in the title update in Op5 if we’re lucky.

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Been playing this since launch on and off, op4 was the closest it’s been to being alright but they keep taking 1 step forward and 27 backwards ha


Yeah, for me personally the maps and characters for OP5 are solid! Bringing back Gridlock is a tad lazy, clock tower is better in my opinion. Just got to see what the next few weeks bring in regards to changes and movement/tuning.

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Ridiculous we gotta wait a few weeks in the hope theyll revert back haha


Nail biting haha

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“Koth is meant to be wild”

8/10 KOTH matches are the complete opposite of this. Its just a 5 stack lancer camp fest that most of the times is completely one sided. 4 v 4 is meant to be a healthy change for the competitive aspect of the game, given how prevalent crossing is. Not that the actual wild and fun matches in KOTH aren’t great, but most of the times these matches don’t exist.

Best 5 v 5 infite lives mode was escalation 1.0 since 5 v 5 actually worked, so here’s to hoping they bring it.


To fix the lancer cross, all they had to do was make KOTH have execution rules. Can’t die from a cross if you can’t get executed. They other team will have to come out in order to kill.


I have only played one match so far, KoTH on regency, and I liked the 4v4. I typically hover between gold 3 and onyx 2, and I’ll tell ya man, in gold you get a lot of solo queues, maybe some teams of two and rarely three, but in onyx I run into five man stacks all the time and it is absolutely nauseating to be a rando against a team of 5 lancering you from every angle. I’m actually a big proponent of lancer game play too but in a coordinated effort it’s just too many bullets to run through.

And before you say “just get friends to play with” I’m a 38 year old father of two, i don’t have much time to play, I just hop on from time to time to grab a match, I can’t coordinate that kind of thing these days. And even if I wanted to meet people here to play with well…you’re all just such a bunch of a-holes hahahah

I like the 4v4 more than 5v5, but the weapon tuning is awful, all rifles shot paper bullets -.-

Gnashers ONLY KOTH is tbf, but maybe that’s what they should do instead, just make KOTH gnasher only and stop compromising other weapons with nerfs and gamemodes to suit a failed idea that the gnasher is the main weapon of gears or something ridiculous like that, haven’t tried the nerfs on the lancers yet but I heard they’ve turned them into paintball guns…

I argue that different gamemodes and different map layouts help change gameplay so things are different, its a bad idea to make everything play out the same.

I like it

4v4 isn’t a cluster f***. So less randomness happens.

Most of the maps plays better with 4v4.

I guess a certain type of player would dislike this.


i’m not so much against 4v4 in general but i know the koth community doesnt like the change.
it’s more so the people who go to koth to “vibe” who like the change. the streamers who just show their hands on the controller, that type of player.

every single koth tryhard i know does not like the change. im talking about people who have played koth from the beginning. i’m talking about top 100 leaderboards in gears 3/ue, diamond 5 g4, and top 100 wins g5 koth players.

meaning that this change is actually more for the casuals.

koth should be 5v5 and game modes like gridiron/exe should be 4v4.

if it will remain 4v4, as the pros seem to enjoy it more, then make esca 4v4 too and let’s see if the pros who lose their job like it too.


You are my doppleganger when it comes to the kids part…so difficult to get a decent game in between taking care of two kids, work, and bills. I got to Onyx 3 and was 10 points away from Diamond 1 before I ran into six straight matches of full stacks from Mexico using their lag compensation and went down to Gold 2! Love it.

5v5 is better