4v4 Is Not Fun. Period

I don’t just mean it’s less fun than 5v5 either, I’m straight up not having a good time at all.

My primary game mode is ranked KOTH. Sometimes I’ll play quickplay KOTH with a friend. Both choices feel bad right now due to the changes in op 5. I don’t play the other modes (TDM or Guardian) cause camping to win is too easy.

Ranked 4v4 feels really slow paced. Interactions are fewer and engagements take longer to occur. The players are able to spread out more and hide instead of being in constant chaos and movement. The maps were designed around 5v5 as they have been since Gears 2. Power weapons are able to control the map SO much easier. And once you obtain one power weapon, maintaining control of the others is easier.

I don’t believe this creates a more competitive environment in public lobbies. I don’t believe this gives you an opportunity to “clutch up” more. I don’t believe this helps fight stacks. Public lobbies are only somewhat competitive when it’s a full stack vs a full stack anyway. Someone can perform on the same technical skill level in 4s or 5s, but your stats (interactions) are scaled down. Stacks SHOULD WIN against randoms and as a good solo you should understand this. The GP awards were changed specifically to help encourage solos and they were good updates, but this goes against that improvement.

I don’t want this perceived “more competitive atmosphere” in ranked because ranked pubs are not actually esports level competitive and they never will be. There are numerous, obvious reasons why this is the case including unbalanced teams in matchmaking, inconsistent server utilization/connections, and the design of the current game modes. I go into solo ranked to sweat it out against some other guys in shotty battles. I want people who are more experienced with the game to test my technical skills. I do not expect a simulation of main stage grand finals. I do not want to fight literal nor figurative “bots”.

Which brings my attention to quickplay. Playing against bots indefinitely IS NOT fun. The 4v4 with +1 bot on each team makes no sense. I find it hard to even explain why this is so bad because it feels so obvious. Why are you attempting to translate a ranked change to quickplay?

Make quickplay KOTH 5v5 again. I would play that mode and enjoy it. Or make it true 4v4 (no bots) and the same problems that exist in ranked will directly translate here as well. I have no issue with temporary bots, but permanent bots is a big no.

Side note: the beta tuning is too slow. Delays on actions are not a good idea. It feels restrictive and limiting. It’s also jarring going from the open, fluid movement to arbitrary delays on shots. Bot walking is way too viable.

I don’t post here often, but when I do I try to be constructive and direct. This is not intended to incite hate or be overly negative. I feel very strongly that the changes introduced in op 5 were a step backwards. Which is unfortunate because I’ve really had a good time with the game and played more often since op 3 launched.

My last topic post here is the top post of all time (http://forums.gearsofwar.com/t/gears-5-is-22nd-most-played-game-on-xbox/) . This was back when the game first launched and was definitely not in a good place. I feel confident saying that a large portion of the community shares my sentiments. TC you listened back then, made improvements, and got me to not only come back to the game, but also enjoy it a lot. I hope this feedback is considered. I’m taking a break until the next update.


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