40k Myrrah skin

Wtf they got rid of the Myrrah Skin that was 40k gold . I literally got up to 39k and now it’s gone wtf . I know people
Gonna say I should have been had enough gold , but I did and since there was nothing to use it in I started wasted it on stuff I didn’t want or need because why horde it . Totally got screwed by TC. It’s okay it wasn’t the coolest skin but just annoyed to get that close .

Anyways sorry for wasting your time to read this lol

Well if you have $10, CS Myrrah is in the store now. It’s much better than the other one IMO. Just get the CS and you’ll forget all about it. My guess is they took it out temporarily to help promote her CS version.

Huh? It’s under the “characters” section. There’s a separate tab called “heroic”. It was udner there when I looked earlier today.


A bag over her head would have helped with that :roll_eyes:

What you talking about? Myrrah’s bomb. I’m mostly looking from behind anyway. Hey at least she doesn’t have those hulk-hands like some other people’s favorite female skin.

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I’m still waiting for the OP to thank me for signposting him to the right place and basically say “yeah… my bad guys! I shoulda looked for it instead of jumping to the wrong conclusion!” :stuck_out_tongue:


lmaoooooo @SIC_Lt_TRiPLe_X

??? I don’t get it

Did you find what you were looking for? :smiley:

If you found the skin, you can click the “Solution” button on @Bleeding_Pepper’s post so other people who see the topic find the answer easily.

That’s what they’re saying.