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$40 for entire chrome steel weapon set? Get outta here!

Last week, you sold the rifle set for 1000, plus the 2 separate weapons at 500 each. This week, the heavy weapons are 1000 and the 2 remaining weapons (gnasher and Boltok) are 500 each. Are ya kidding me?? 4000 total iron for the entire set?? $40 dollars?!!?!! Who’s the genius who thought “yea, we can get away with selling the whole set for about the price of the game” over there?

If it wasn’t bad enough ppl payed extra to play a buggy mess early, you charge like it’s a free to play model?? Who’s greed is this? MS or TC? I seriously need to know how you guys sleep comfortably at night, trying to pull this bs.

Not only do these skins NOT look chrome (more like black and white tbh), you’re charging this much per weapon set? Enjoy the surge of players while it lasted, cause with the next few releases scheduled thru the next 2 months, you’re gonna retain your loyal gears fan base and lose everyone else with these horrible prices!

And btw… this isn’t from some young kid who just got into gears… this is coming from a 39 year old who’s been loyal to gears for over a decade who can’t justify sticking up for this kind of rip off any longer. I’m done tryin to understand how you think this is okay.


Fact is, it’s not okay but they don’t care.

My roster is going to be pretty bare-bones because I refuse to pay anything for skins. I shouldn’t have to, and no one else should have to either. It’s not a FTP game. Just because it’s on gamespass is no excuse. I hate it when people say that sh*t. You still need a subscription to live to play the game, therefore it’s not free. Therefore, no FTP transactions. It’s a $59 base retail and so what about the $2 gamepass sub. I paid $14 for 3 months and original retail is $49 for three months. Still not free.

It’s insane. That’s all I have to say about it.


That sums it up perfectly.


Don’t forget there’s still going to be the precision rifles coming later on(of which the Torque Bow is apparently part - so it’s both an explosive and precision weapon?). So it’s definitely more than 40.

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they fleeced a lot of people on 4 (especially black steel characters that dont carry over to 5)…its a shame there slowly destroying gears and its community into the bargain…


This blatant greed and disrespect to the fan base is some of the most appalling sh*t I have ever seen in my life.

$40 for weapon skin sets, $10 for single executions — wtf is wrong with these people? There are so many people who did pay full price for this game, and what they received in return is a glitchy mess, very little customization options for weapon skins and characters, and a grinding system that rewards you with banners and blood sprays.

I’ve been a fan of this series for over a decade, but I’m ready to drop it like a bad habit. Micro transactions has utterly infected this series and should honestly be the nail in the coffin for it.

/rant over


There have to be too many people which buy this stuff lol.

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I totally agree. The thing is that this absolute and total greed by MS/TC has actually turned me off the game, genuinely I have no desire to play it, I simply load up Gears 3 and 4 (I know they had them of course but even the dreaded lootbox is preferable to the current system TC are using.

I KNOW I do not have to spend a penny and it doesn’t effect gameplay yada yada . Well excuse me if I like to equip different skins and characters to a series I love, BUT do not want to spend the cost of a game (Division 2 is £25, Crash B is £20 etc) in doing so. I do not see how they can justify these prices, it is not good enough to say you can earn them. Try earning 1000 Iron, see how much time that takes.

I think what really annoys me is the apologists for TC , “they need the money to make other Gears” “Gears costs millions to make” and so forth. MS are one of the richest Tech companies in the World. They do not need our extra money.

Watch the video by Jim Sterling re MS and microtransactions. He is on the money. He points out that Sony and Nintendo do not fill their first party games with them and nor should MS.

I’m not knocking people who want to buy stuff, that is there business. Once Sam and Myrrah come out I may well purchase as I love those characters and their lore, but something seriously needs to be done.


They annoy me too. There’s even the ones that are like, “Well don’t play it then,” or, “It’s on Gamespass so it is free,” or, “Other people like skins…”

I’ve stated before that I’ve never been a fan of the MT’s in any paid game. It’s not just Gears that’s guilty of it and I really don’t know who’s bright idea it was. Season passes were good because you got content over time for a flat rate and the content was reasonable. This is just highway robbery to gullible people, and younger players. Also, the game is not FREE. It is a paid game. I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to grasp that.


I believe it all started with EA. Actually, EA pioneered the “online pass” idea, which turned into season passes. EA evolved beyond the idea of the online pass/season pass and brought in the micro transactions with fifa (I think that was the first title it happened in)…l now they call them “surprise mechanics”… yea, like rebranding them will make it any better.

Sadly, EA started this mess, and everyone who wanted more money and felt greedy followed suit. Thanks to them, we have a gears game where we pay $15 for a legendary character skin and $40+ dollars for complete weapon skin sets.

What a sad world we live in. THANKS EA!!!


I also have concerns about their lack of engagement with the community. Unless you are a suck up or pet streamer of course with a trashy approach to the game that lags their connection and rubber bands in public games.


While I agree on this topic I must point out that Jim Sterling video is bs.

Nintendo has those amiibos or whatever they’re called and Sony also has microtransactions in their games. The Last of Us had pay2win stuff, then there’s GT Sport etc.

Blaming this on Microsoft alone is disingenious. EA, Ubisoft Square Enix etc are much worse.

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Has anyone @ TC on Twitter. I would love to hear someone defend this price and why they think this amount of money for weapon skins is acceptable because it really is not.

Good morning @TC_Octus Can you shed any light on these ridiculous prices


Not blaming it on MS alone. I know it started with other companies before them and apparently when EA did the MT’s to start they took a huge hit in stocks because people didn’t want to pay extra for characters in Star Wars Battlefront 2.
(Thanks @NeckPUNCHattack for telling me where to look for research)
They’ve been taking hits since then and since changed their model but it’s a bit too late. I think that others that have followed suit now are just as bad as them and we should speak with our wallets.

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Fair enough I think with Sony though, the point was their first party stuff, ie Santa Monica studios. Is Naughty Dog owned by Sony, sorry I didn’t realise I thought they were independent ?

Still I think TC are even more egregious that those or at least I’m more aware obviously. I accept they are fair from the only ones. It is just a shame this has become what gaming is :frowning:

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People who apologize for these greedy tactics are just blind sheep. Seriously. Any free thinking person sees through these crappy practices/tactics, but someone who blindly follows and apologizes for this bs is just part of the problem. I hate to use that “blind sheep” term, but it’s true.

Unless you come from a wealthy family who doesn’t understand the value of earning money or you’re a rich CEO of a company, it’s quite hard to buy all these skins and live a realistic life at the same time. Not everyone has a great job who can pay for a home, internet, xbl, the game, then shell out all this money for these overpriced skins. Some of us (like myself) have expensive medical bills, credit bills, and just plain bills to pay before we can even worry about games and how much they cost. Then, to get the best experience possible, we have to pay so much more, just to get the customization we want.

And yea, when ppl say, “you don’t need it, it’s just a cosmetic item”… that annoys me so much! Games are built around making your character feel as much of yourself as possible by using custom skins. It’s obviously the main selling point after they sell you the game, so why wouldn’t it matter? That’s just another way for apologists to passively defend these bs tactics and prices. They’re just afraid to fully say the bigger things, like, “if you don’t like it don’t buy it.”

I wouldn’t be feeling ripped off and angry like this if new character skins were at the most $3 and whole weapon skin sets were $5, but when I literally look in the store and see just ONE weapon skin… the “retro wave” lancer skin for $4 dollars or an expression for $7… all I see is the greed.

There has to be a breaking point. People are cracking down on loot boxes, but overcharging is okay right now? Where are the ppl who value money? When does this end?


7 bucks for a banner. A jpeg picure implemented into a videogame :joy:


I know mate. but I feel we are fighting a losing battle with this. All you can do is make your stand and chose not to be a “feeder” to the system.

Totally take your point:
cosmetic item”… that annoys me so much! Games are built around making your character feel as much of yourself as possible by using custom skins. It’s obviously the main selling point after they sell you the game, so why wouldn’t it matter

Absolutely if people did not care then we would all be happy playing with stick people in block environments.


I totally get this statement so much. I hate apologists who take things to the extreme and it’s not a question of if it’s worth it or not, it’s a question of the fact that it shouldn’t exist in a game that you’ve already shelled out $60+ dollars for.

Agreed. I like having choices and earnables. That’s what builds a games replayability. It used to mean something to complete the campaign on certain difficulties or getting low amounts of kills or completing horde mode on certain difficulties, or VS. Now it’s just, nothing. I got nothing for completing the campaign. No skin, no nothing. Just an achievement that took 4 days to fully unlock because it was broken.
Sure, the achievement was nice and all but I didn’t accomplish any in game tasks!

They shouldn’t cost any money at all and should be completely earnable. The store shouldn’t exist and if they wanted to do custom stuff then season passes are acceptable because you get the content for a flat rate. I really had no problem with that. Just charging $7 and $10 dollars here and there adds up and also every $3 dollar purchase adds up too. It’s insane!

There does have to be a breaking point, but a lot of people have accepted this as the norm and it shows. It’s not okay, though, not by a long shot.


So this is going to be a thing now every week when the store refreshes, huh?