4 quitters in KOTH

A minute of silence for K U B 4 N O


Sucks so bad :-1::-1::-1::-1:

Games like this I lose massive % that I’ve tried to get from tough games.

Yeah quitters in KotH are the bane of my existence. I will say though, I really like the changes they made to the scoreboard UI showing ping and keeping the gamertag of the quitters up there almost as a mark of shame. Makes it really easy to decide who you want to block.

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Yeah, exactly, I’m glad the name stays.

But in ranked it’s so selfish.

I was once Onyx 3 97% close to diamond and someone quit out causing us to lose the game.

I was Onyx 3 40% after :sob::sob:

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I’m not on KOTH very often, but I’ve only seen something like this before only once, where two players left remaining in opponent team.

If I play solo, it can be like 6/10 matches where people quit.

So much quitting and AFK.

Yeah. And if there aren’t quitters and AFK there are spongies :frowning:

Pretty much :joy:

Or you get Bronze / Silver players when you are Onyx trying to get Diamond :sob:

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In the last couple of weeks I’ve actually noticed a reduction in the amount of quitters. I hope it’s because of the new ban times.

Same, since 5x XP on two Quitters in 8 games :raised_hands:

I don’t think showing other people’s gamer tags in this context is allowed on the forums