4 player Coop in Campaign

I’ve heard the Coalition say that they couldn’t make the story coop in 4 and 5 because there would be too many difficulties in level and cover design, but I’m afraid I have to call shenanigans. Gears of War 4 basically had 4 people on the field for the entire game except for the act where Marcus is snatched. Meanwhile, Gears 5 mostly had 3 to 4 normal players (Marcus, Kait/JD, depending on the Act, and Fahz) in addition to Jack. The only time there’s only two normal players and Jack was during Act 2 and that wasn’t too long. I’m not trying to badmouth TC but it feels like the reasons they gave us aren’t really good ones. Now I know I’m not a developer and my knowledge on the subject of game development is very limited but Epic Games was able to pull it off in 2011. Surely the Coalition has the technology.

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Since Gears 6 might be about the swarm war, how about making it 10 player co-op. I think it’s about time.


I think campaign should always be 2 players. No more

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Fair enough but for me, my greatest and most fun time in nearly 40 years of gaming was and is playing Gears 3, four player on insane over multiple weekends. Same 3 online chums, we did it all over again with J.

I would love Ge6rs to be 4 player once again. :+1:

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There’s some things that having 4 separate players can make things more complicated than it needs to be. Boss fights can be one of them. Vehicles too. Plus on a performance level, campaigns tend to have a lot going on, and trying to get all of that to work in sync over their already crappie network with 4 players is a bit much.

Keep it simple 2 is enough, just give me a longer and more content filled campaign

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been forced to chose which of my friends to leave behind when playing a story playthrough. It really sucks

Fair enough. I just feel that 2 player co-op is perfect for Gears

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Maybe, but it’s more fun the more buddies you can bring together.

I agree that it can be more fun if there is more of you. However I feel that games tend to get less personal and the story less exciting. Also when I play co-op I want everyone to contribute and feel like part of the team. Sometimes when there is 4 of you, 1 or 2 cant contribute as much.

Also the enviroments need to be bigger, but I want Gears to be almost claustrophobic. I thoroughly enjoyed Gears 5 campaign but I really disliked the open world elements. I feel like if they made Gears 6 4 player co-op then they would make it too “big”.

I too did not care for the “sandbox” elements of Gears 5.

For co-op, I envision that two characters could be the “main characters” and the rest, if we are talking 10 player co-op, would just be regular grunts without stories. Like extras in a movie.

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Man that insane 10 player run would be torture. One person dying and ruining it for the other 9 :rofl:

I imagine that the “grunts” could die without ending the run.

I understand now


I don’t know 10 seems a little excessive for story. For a PvE mode, on the other hand, would be awesome. Like Horde or something new.