4 minutes to find a quickplay match? EU 1 PM in the day?

It really gonna take this long to find some bots? the hell is wrong with this game and the matchmaking… this is insane…


@Hyperverklighet…like u were saying theres lots playing this game…it could even be in the "tens of thousands "…im guessing this chap would disagree aswell🤔


Most people were on Gnasher only KOTH last night on euro servers. - i’ve not played rank for weeks as match making takes too long.

I like how RAAM is even looking round at the time like “you serious”


Yeah, but about 19 998 players was playing campaign :joy:


It has to be a netcode / matchmaking setting or bug.

In Brazil region I know for a fact that if I don’t find a quickmatch within 3 minutes, the system will put me somwhere else within 5 seconds. It’s always the same, I never see 3 mimute reach 10 seconds.

It’s good to have a guaranteed match in a low populated region, but unfortunately playing Gears with 200 ping is not enjoyable at all. I’d rather play alone with bots and low ping than in teleport /sponge land.

I’m glad it does that in Brazil because in Australia the quickest time it’s taken me to find a quick Play match is 25+ minutes and that’s just to be put in a US server.

Wish that it would put me elsewhere after 3 minutes.

At least as a Brazillian you suffer the same ranked queue issues as us Aussies I guess…

They should make it half exp gain on custom matches so you at least could progress there.

Thats extreme. But also allot of people are working, are in school, taking care of kids. Doing other shores during the day. So its hard to find games for reasons aswell,…

Next thing will shock you, stay tuned for more!

*RAAM takes off his armor

…keep going…

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Dang! RAAM is here…This turned into another creepypasta’s scary story…

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