4 is free with gold next month

Gears of war 4 is free with gold this Thursday

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Just in time for me to never play it again


why more noobs lol

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I mean because Gears 5 is right around the corner and i will not be returning to Gears 4 again

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Well your loss. Silly to just throw away a good game cause the next one in the series is out. Sheep will always follow the herd. Don’t get me wrong I’m getting gears 5 and will play and enjoy it but I know I won’t give up gears 4 cause it’s a dam good game and anyone who disagrees it’s definitely your right to do so but as far as gears gameplay goes gears 4 is spot on. Now go ahead and attack.

I won’t need the disc anymore. That’s something. :thinking:

I just played a 2v32 match for the first time in months, and I got downed through a wall. I mean, if it’s perfect, then perfect must suck.

We are going to see a lottttt of noobs trying to play Horde on insane or inconceivable then :pensive:

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It would make perfect sense to release ALL content now surely ? Be It in packs or monetary.

More players with cash burning holes in their shellsuits :wink:

Thatcher 's Britain

Thanks for the info😎,like another member has says I will download it and put my disc on the shelf with the other titles.

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