4 Gears of war 3 bugged achievements

I have completed 4 achievements in Gears of War 3 journal but they will not unlock. The image is grey and not solid, The achievements are what does this button do? Time to re-up! Again! It’s hammer time! Any advice to help making them unlock would be appreciated. I only purchased RAAM’s shadow, I didn’t buy the season pass because they made the other DLC’s free later on.

I wouldn’t expect any support for Gears 3 at this point.

Your probably right unfortunately,

Sadly. But that’s an old game from a different company. :persevere:

Would clearing my cache on the Xbox one help?

I recall statements from TC that they didn’t have a testing environment for the 360 era Gears games and as such cannot support them. Not sure why but they always explained them not being able to go back and fix things in them with that.