4/10 For the Tech test

Gears 5 tech test…
The feel:
It dont feel good to play, it’s like the feet are stuck to the ground.
Cant really move quickly, just feels slow.

  • SLOW!
  • clunky.

The Movement:
-Not smooth, to sticky… it could be that I’m stuck in my ways but…
Without the ability to bounce/manoeuvre smoothly or quickly the game becomes dull.
Like I’m forced to play at half heartedly because theres a limit to how well you can push or pull.
And that’s without mention of travelling from place to place.

Personally I dont enjoy a restricted battle where 2 players are sitting for 2mins waiting for the other to move, it boring.
But I know, even if I make a good push I am restricted to basic play and we all know it’s easy to be on the defensive.
The slow draggy movement just makes it’s bad.

The look:

  • The look of the game isn’t actually that bad.
    I was expecting more, even for the beta but it works.
    I am interested in to seeing the customizations.


  • the guns in this game dont feel like they belong.
    Not the look but literally the feel.
    It’s like I press shoot but it feels like a marsh mellow flopped out the barrel.
    Like the kills are not satisfying, I can get 25k in a game with 5D but it dont feel that way.
    I kill a guy… is that it.
    Because theres no skill in the play, all the kills are easy ones, no actual tention like other gears games.
    No, oh snap that was close, just meh I AR him down…
  • Gnasher, probably useless on 80% of both maps, however it does kill people unlike the gears 4 gnasher. (2nd however) the gnasher in gears 4 feels better.
    And ARs dominate the game and promotes lazy hide and wait gameplay.

To sum up.
The tech test for me just feels like gears 5 a Fake imitation of the real deal.
And to be honest, it dont do gears 5 any justice and is putting me off.

(Gears 4 movement and smoothness of wall manoeuvre. With a improvement or slight tweaks of the tech test weapons . And I think it can be a good game)

Oh and the maps are terrible. Sorry map department ppl.
I know it’s a beta but it just dont present itself well.


Couldn’t agree more.
I have basically just posted what you have.
I can tell you love the series and this latest installment is an attempt to win over call of duty fans and battlefield V fans.
This is the worst gears of war ever.
Even worse tham when they released gears 2 and everyone’s ganasher shots were hitting the floor on day one.
Lancer and hammer burst headshots? Wtf!


I know, the game play just dont feel right.
Its almost feels like I’m a Olympian in a kindergarten sports festival.

The problem is, call of duty players cant play gears.
U can always tell a cod or horde player in multiplayer gears.
And they get thrown about, and I can see how that sucks for them
But tbh it dont take much to learn the wae.
Movement and map position, simple as that.
However they are not willing learn to play well.
The want to pick up the game and be a “pro”.

As a result… the gears 5 tech test.

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