3rd cheater in 2 days

I cant link the clips because they will take my post down but can we do soemthing abt it?

Report via support ticket with evidence. That’s all you can do.

I assume eventually they will figure out to update their anti-cheat engine to block these cheaters programs or whatever their injecting. Usually a never-ending process.

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You will have to send the footage via a ticket because if you post here TC will close the thread.

Its getting weird how many I am running into now compared to Gears of War 4. Either the anti cheat system isn’t good or the cheaters are getting better at getting passed it lol.

Of course for all I know its the same person with different acounts (most likely) or its actually multiple players lol. This also leads me to ask why not ban the game instead of the account? Just seems like a better solution because I doubt someone is going to get banned and turn on their cheating ways lol.

Edit: I guess banning the game would effect a resale value but still lol.


Truth is if Anti Cheat is doing its job it’ll do an automated ban without you having to report anything. You can always report to be faster (lmao) and more certain the player is gone though. I just find it hard to believe these accounts last more than 2 days ingame if being used consistently.

If it truly requires a in-game report than EAC needs to step up lol. It’s known for being annoying for hackers to bypass without being detected.

An automated system will probably never be able to catch all exploits. That’s just the nature of IT.

If its a trainer then it definitely will with something like EAC
let me rephrase that should catch that

EAC is sorta good at what it does. If hacks are making it into GoW and survive I’d be surprised honestly. I don’t think Halo experiences this too often.

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What kind of cheating? What were they doing?

Don’t play against pc players

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You have no choice but to deal with us in social

People still play PvP ? I’ve heard it’s a steaming pile of trash at this point

Yeah its actually considered one of the worlds most notorious turds. Beats me as to why people still play it man.

Damn, what lobbies you getting into?

Anti-cheat does catch cheaters - however, we ask for reports as well to keep it up to date and regularly spot-check it to make sure it’s catching cheaters.

As was said - send a ticket to Support.GearsOfWar.com under Report a Player

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What cheating are you seeing?

I mostly only play ranked to avoid PC players.

Well then I wont play social … ha … check mate

(nothing against PC players I am just really bored right now)

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I cant avoid pc players lol. I play on pc with a controller. I only play ranked and im masters in everything and I have met the cheaters in tdm and king so there is no getting away from it for me :confused: