3rd 2vs2 Gnasher map?( The one for the road event )

It’s always good to get things in three’s,so with a game mode like 2vs2 gnasher way not add a 3rd map and make it part of some special event,(Call it the one for the road event).All the support for gears 4 should end on a high note,if there no more characthers to come then a final 2vs2 map would be a nice way to wrap this games content train up…


It’s too late to expect something like another map, based off what TC has said.

The team have simply moved onto to Gears 5.

They will be showing off the MP in 2 months time and looking to make sure the Launch goes to plan as much as possible.

Plus, I’d rather all energies are focused on 5 given how close we are to a release and given how late in life cycle we are for Gears 4.

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TC, all I have to say is this:

I could create a 2v2 map out of a base map on Halo 3 Forge in like 10 minutes… Why can’t you make a bunch for Gears 4 on like a random Friday?

This idea been ask for many times before this,so it’s not alast miniute idea,TC already shown there pros at recycling maps,just look at how many repeat maps are in gears 4 with weather or time of day changes or elemential changes added and they called them a new map,so taking a exsisiting map and making it a smaller 2vs2 map should be a minior job for pros like TC…I don’t see Gears 5 impacted in the slightest by this extra map effort…

Funny you say that you just reminded me of a map years back that i saw halo 3 make. It was security and it was in halo 3, or actually i think it was halo reach but it was done so well it was identically. Really well made.

I’d like that too but as @III_EnVii_III said it won’t happen but at least when gears launches they can probably introduce that and add a ton of maps new and old.

Honestly i’d also like a 3v3 mode too. I reckon it would be fun. (especially if the maps are bigger as they say 20x)

Yet somehow i doubt that. :man_shrugging:

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3v3 with a random weapon spawn after 1 min.

Hopefully gears 5 has wingman :roll_eyes:

I’m starting to wonder if anybodys ideas suggested here in this forum have ever been used by TC.Why ask fans for input if you never use any of it…