30min Ban for disconnects in a TECH TEST! UNREAL!

Guys please… this is a tech test, with the servers at their worst possible, so there is going to be disconnects all over!

Who’s bright idea was it to leave the 30min ban for disconnects in place??

Whoever is in charge over there get ya head out of the clouds and get your staff in order.

This is embarrassing.

Kind Regards

1 pissed off gears fan/player

I probly have one too, the server quality was very bad and unenjoyable to test , and it seemed to get worse…smooth animations though so I’m not sure what’s up.This was EU.A bitt disheartening to see a notification above that servers were stable, makes me worry that the server quality is decided on…

That took us like 10 TRIES finally be able to play a game and you like a ■■■■ leave us alone sorry but you deserve ONE hour not 30 mins ban

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I booted again , after 3 mins got hit with a 6de…

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