-300 for a match that dissolved


For some reason the match didn’t dissolve during the countdown but when the players could start moving around, which is already pretty ■■■■■■■ weird. Right before getting kicked I heard one of Jinn’s losing lines. got back to the menu, and noticed I got deranked from D2 to D1.

So yeah, that’s ■■■■■■■ nice :+1:


I played a match hit silver 2 9% yesterday
Logged back in today all of a sudden I’m silver 1 45% smh how do I downrank overnight without playing?? this and quitters are why I can’t rank up I was onyx in g4

You deranked because sleeping is for losers. It’s a new TC policy. If you don’t earn at least 1 point of rank every half hour of each day, you lose points.

Kidding… maybe I better stop giving them ideas they are most likely to implement, rather than ones they should be but ignore…


If they actually had rank decay I could understand that but they don’t so idk wtf happened but I can’t break out of silver for the life of me in g5

Not sure why you can’t get out of silver considering the game is literally handing me rank:

That’s not an attack on your skills. It is a criticism of the rank system in general. It’s pretty bad when you’ve got someone like yourself really trying hard to rank up and can’t, then there is me who straight don’t give a ■■■■ and am sitting shiny in Gold 2 now.


You can derank without playing. This has been true since Gears 4. I believe it has to do with players moving up in rank and displacing those who were above them previously, and considering that Silver is such a massive chunk of the playerbase, it would explain your pretty dramatic derank. Silver is such a slog to get out of. Onyx can be a bish too

Really cuz I never woke up the next day to a different rank in gears 4 though? I get silver is massive and just gotta play a lot (which I have been playing way less than g4) to truck through it but still a whole rank and a half just from lack of play

Yeah. It is a massive derank for sure. A possible explanation is that a lot of people are off from work right now, so its possible that a massive number of players have been ranking up this week, thus displacing you.
I could be wrong, but that would make sense to me

Touché I guess I can understand that but damn I don’t have time to play like that nowadays :sob: guess my onyx days are over :joy:

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Lol yeah man. Sucks like crazy.
We can hopefully get some games in this weekend tho!

Yeah looking forward to it
Also glad I saved my iron seems I was right they are bringing cole for op3😎

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Lmao yeah I thought of you when I saw Cole was gonna be up for grabs