30 minute ban everyday

So about every 4 - 5 games when the game goes from lobby to a picture of the current map I would get kicked and a connection error. This would automatically ban me for 30 minutes. This happens almost everyday. I’m starting to think it’s my router settings or something but I can’t figure it out. I’m hardwired with a new Ethernet cord, I’ve put my Xbox as DMZ on my modem/router combo and thought there wouldn’t be a problem but it still happens everyday. Can anyone help?

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It isn’t your network, router or anything on your end. Its a server issue on TC’s end that is broken at a fundamental level. There isn’t anything you can do. You can try resetting everything, reinstalling etc but it won’t fix the issue. Best option is to not play competitive modes and avoid the option of being banned.

Thanks for the reply. I do think it’s on my end though because I went to my moms for a few days and no issues there. Also, I would go social but I don’t like playing with bots. It’s way to easy and boring.