30 min para encontrar partida y otros 30 min para que conecte

(LockDawn Hv) #1

Que Pasa
30 minutis Buscando partidas y 30 min para que conecte a partida
Para que al final no hay partida

(ll R E D l) #2

the forums only support English

(LockDawn Hv) #3

You want them to respect your language and you do not respect our language

(ll R E D l) #4

not my rules buddy, its the forum rules they only support english

(DarkChaoz95) #5

He means you can only post in english only. Posting in other languages is not allowed according to the forum rules made by TC.

(Ektope) #6

This forum supports English only, you can read the Guidelines here.

Welcome to the Official Gears of War forums! This is a place to talk to your fellow Gears fans about all things Gears, make new friends, and have your feedback seen by the development team at The Coalition. Please note this forum only supports English language conversations.

Closing this thread.

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