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30 days of boost - will it start when we choose, or when we first switch on?

I presume there’s no answer to this question yet, but I was planning to buy the Ultimate Edition so I can play a few days early before I go abroad for a 3 week holiday. So - if the 30 days of boost automatically starts when we first play the game, then it means 22 days of that 30 days will be wasted when I’m away. Whereas if we can choose when to activate it, then I’ll hold off until I’m home from the holiday.

Be good if TC can confirm for us!

They already confirmed. It starts the moment you boot up the game and apparently keeps going even if you turn it off during the Boost period.

Just to add, I have no idea how the pricing will be done, but we know Boost will apparently be sold in multiple denominations. I think I read there will be Boosts which last 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days (there may be others, but I’m pretty sure I read that these three denominations are confirmed).

Pricing-wise, I suspect the 7 day Boost will be cheaper than say, 7 separate 24 hour Boosts, so will be up to players to plan around their availability and how much they think they will play over a period. I only say this cos in most countries with mass transit systems where people can buy daily, weekly or monthly tickets, the weekly ones tend to be cheaper than 7 separate daily ones! It’s an incentive thing I guess! :smiley:

I’m buying more boost so I can level up faster and be called a cheat. Maybe get my “fake tour medals”


Hmm ok thanks for the info. That’s annoying. Maybe I’ll cancel the pre-order then. Not worth it just for 7 days boost which is all I would get out of it.

I assume when your in online gameplay it’s counts down.

you mean only when you are playing? ye that won’t happen.
They would have been Hour boosts if that was the case.
Day boosts count down the moment you start it up the game once and won’t stop noway to pause it.

Don’t think so. I think once it starts, it counts down regardless.

So if you buy a 24 hour Boost and start playing and using it on say, Friday at 6pm, play for 5 hours and then you stop and go to bed at 11pm and don’t play again until the following morning, it still counts down. It doesn’t restart from 19 hours.

Yeah. Just to be clear, I am not asking if once it is activated whether it can be paused or not, I am just asking if the free 30 days boost you get for the special edition, starts when I load the game, or when I choose to activate the boost. So could I delay starting the boost until after my holiday, basically.

Well only a dev would know the answer to that.
maybe see if you can get that question answered on twitter they are active there.
For what i have seen currently in the “tech test” ofcourse it could be hidden, is that there is no inventory of some kind where you could do an activation of sorts.
Like you would activate en exp/boost item in a MMO where they are a lot more common.
In other games they are: you buy you activate.

In my personal opinion if you really don’t wanna waste that much time of the boost youshould hold off the chance that it activates on startup is 99.99% Unless and official states otherwise.

Nah, pretty sure I’m right. Because of not, people who buy the ultimate edition but only play offline bots and using their boost in nothing it would only count down if it was actually giving you the boosts

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I think pepper is right man. You would literally have 720 hours of boost then if you get UE version with the 30 day boost. I mean not that it matters tbh since it won’t give you an advantage over anyone, I know some games the boost only gets applied to when you actually play the game as it did for me in Assassins Creed Syndicate but then again, that glitched for me and didn’t run out like it was suppose too.

Guys I am asking if we have control over when we start a boost. Not whether I can turn it on or off. I am aware that once the 30 day boost starts it keeps going even if I don’t play. I am saying that do we have control over when we activate a boost. Another example - could we buy a pack of boosts and just keep them in reserve for the future, or would they all start from that moment, one after the other?.

Sorry if I am not being clear.

Well nobody knows we know as much as you do,
Hit TC up on twitter you have more luck to get an answer from them.

Its just a 50/50 at this point, it start the moment you log into the game or it wont that’s it.

It’s when you log into the game, they said so on stream the other day.


Alright. Thanks guys.

This question has already been answered. It automatically starts once you boot up the game.

TC have said that buying multiple Boosts cause them to stack. This bit is a little unclear, as they didn’t say what they meant by this. It could mean stack on top as in creating multipliers (e.g.: doubling or tripling the speed of Supply), or stack in length, so two 30 Day Boosts create a 60 day one. Logically I’d guess they meant stack in length.

Octus stated it increases the length when you have multiple boosts rather than stack more exp. This was on last week’s dev stream.


Having it active at all times is pretty dumb in my opinion or at-least the fact that you can’t save it and activate it when you want…I guess we are all supposed to run through campaign as fast as possible now.

It seems weird that you buy a boost and it activates even if you are playing campaign. Most people will probably want to start with campaign so all boost will be wasted.

Think I will cancel my pre order of the ultimate edition, it isn’t worth it because of this. I’ve waited 3 years, I can handle another 4 days!