3 wins in TDM, solid all 3 games, rank % down 15%

As the title suggests this just happened after 3 back to back wins , going solid I n each game but I went down. Who do I contact or how do I get assistance if this is a glitch or a mistake? Any info would be appreciated.

That’s not possible. You must have lost prior to the wins and not looked at your rank before the wins

But it is, played social for a few hours before followed by 5 x koth matches, one of my squad went to eat so we switched to TDM. Anyway how or where do I email/post/notify so that someone can look into it?, Oh the 2nd tdm I got kicked to main menu but rejoined in time and went positive is all info I have

That must be it. My friends and I play on PC. When we crash and rejoin, sometimes we lose our rank before the match even ends because it thinks we left.

Realistically no one is going to look at your account. But if you get lucky, they may reply in one of two places:

  • Search “ranking system” in the search bar and post it on the main thread
  • Twitter @coalitiongears @octustc @danasissons

I’d make sure to mention that it’s probably because you got kicked and had to rejoin so they treat it as a bug. But that’s been around ever since they implemented the rejoin feature.

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