3 teammates quit, no option for me to quit?

I was in a ranked KOTH and 3 of my team quit almost instantly and even in the next round the option for me to quit too wasn’t there…on top of that the other team was of course just instantly running to spawn kill us and doing the beat down finisher on top of that. did TC remove the ability to quit with no penalty if someone else quits?

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Not sure re the feature of being able to quit still being there, but the other team doing beatdowns…really, no class at all. They should have just capped the hills asap and moved on .


I don’t know what the timer is, but it takes a while to appear after the first quitter. I hardly ever quit, like on one hand though I have been kicked several, so I can’t say something hasn’t changed. There is no greater joy than getting a double or triple with a team doing that. I realize it’s a pointless endeavor, but playing for those moments of joy make it worthwhile.

I think it was said that it had to be a minimum of the 2nd round and 7 min.

Yeah, it was five minutes, and now it’s seven. Okay for KotH and Escalation because usually they go on that long, usually not for TDM.

I think there need to be adjustments in how he game deals with the team mates who get messed around by quitters.

My suggestions are:

  1. The game penalises the first quitter with the heaviest penalty. If a second player quits then they still get penalised, but to a much smaller extent. If the remaining 3 players quit there should be no penalty.

  2. Incentives should be introduced to players who remain in the game after team mates have quit. XP and credit multipliers for example, and the way the ranking up/down works should be adjusted proportionately so that a 1-4 person team who loses does not suffer as much as a 5 person team losing. Equally the winning team’s gains should be less.

Or alternatively just freeze the ranking for that game for the team who has had a quitterif this is easier. Either way, others shouldnt have to suffer the consequences of a quitters.

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Take a look at this:

I even lost 15 percent of my stats.

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I can confirm that the option to return to main menu is still there. It takes either 5-7 mins for the option to appear. I can also confirm that you will still lose rank for losing your 4v5 3v5 or 2v5 match.

When a quitter quits, he ruins the game for everyone and now TC decided to penalize the quitter’s teammates as well, when 99% of the matches are unwinnable when you are a player down.

There’s no point to play the game anymore. Between the lag and penalties you receive because of quitters why even bother? I swear they have taken this franchise and turned it into the poster child for how NOT to make a game.


You mean you didn’t realize that when they gave us lazy re-skinned launch maps and called it DLC?


Krylon, I personally think there’s no point to play for rank anymore, as it’s an aggravating exercise. Much of that being due to quitters. I like to get competitive and sweaty, to coach and push my team to victory. But, I no longer get bothered by loss. I honestly welcome it sometimes because the higher level matches are all nerdy lancer cross competitions and I’m seriously bored with that. The real fun I have in this game now is gnasher outplays and doing clever stuff that makes good clips. I’d MUCH rather leave a game with a great clip than a W.

Back to subject, the whole things is handled poorly and they know we’ve been unhappy about this for a long time. I like the harsher penalties but what’s happening now is that people are idling and hiding behind cover so they don’t get a penalty. Why these people keep playing Gears is beyond me.

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Yeah amazing and bringing back region hoppers would only raise the number of quitters now. Basically, it’s devastation of Gears playerbase by purpose.

I gave up on caring about rank long ago. What I can’t give up on is my expectation for a match that isn’t full of high ping warriors that make every match run poorly. Unfortunately 99.9% of matches have lag issues so rank or not it’s just not fun. Why the Coalition can’t grasp this and stop it from happening is beyond me. I want to enjoy Gears I really do but there is no fun in being cheated every match.

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You’ll find it’s the weakest players that do the “stacked” beat-downs on a single person, it gives them confidence.

Not to worry, karma normally separates them at some point and gives you the chance to violently stomp them into the ground.

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I think Gears 5 needs to remove the stupid beatdown finisher and stop encouraging aggressive behavior…Like honestly if someone kills me i’d rather just die and respawn and keep going


Sancris, THANK YOU!! It’s such a trash thing to do and I really would like to see the game have a little more class sportsmanship and class. My friends do that all the time and I hate it. I’ll even steal their kill if I see them pull out the pistol on someone who was not teabagging or doing anything wrong.

In regular gameplay doing a beat down execution is almost guaranteed to get you killed, haha, it’s so stuuuupid.

If I want to express my annoyance with someone who is down I will chainsaw them… A beatdown is just asking for trouble.

Hahahaha, MY all time favorite beatdown moment was when a team was beating me down in the ring, not realizing that prevented them from capping and winning, which allowed my team to setup next and win the match, hahahaha.

It can work the opposite. I’ve had teammates beating someone down, opponents come for the “easy” kill, and fall into the trap of me in wait. Sad, but true.

I think the violence in the game is fine but the extended beat down is ugly and should be removed in the next.

Yeah i agree. i mean i know Gears isn’t a game for the easily offended i mean you can chainsaw people in half and stuff…but i think the beatdown just sucks the fun out of it for people who aren’t trolls

Lol @ remove the beatdown! C’mon!?

As for quitters, 3min is plenty of time to rejoin and if not enable the option to quit.

Edit: just to clarify I almost never beatdown but when I get beatdown I always take it as a compliment.

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