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3 simple things that will keep Gears 5 from dying

(SuperStevie09) #22

-campaign xp., 4 plaqer co-op. Any one play resident evil 6 and remember how the campaign linked up every so often between the two teams?

-rank punishment for quiters not just time bans in versus.
-reliability ranking in horde and join in progress.
be able to see player cards before match.

-do something about lag spiking players. i’ve played games with high ping players that go fine but once someone starts to spike out of control everything turns to custard.

-region rankings like pubg.
-let me choose my own region again or at least let me cross out the servers i dont want to join. i did a better job knowing the time of day and which server to play on. do not like being put on south american servers from europe with 325 ping.

-don’t spend so much time changing a bloody shotgun, fix everything else.

(SuperStevie09) #24

i wouldnt mind an arcade mode, but in trying to keep to one playlist rather than split the players for an arcade mode like gears 3 had.

i thought just an xp or credit reward at the end of a chapter would be nice, not a scoreboard/ killcount which i think is stupid anyway for a co-op campaign. we used to unlock characters during campaign so at least give some credits or something so we can buy some packs which i’m assuming will be there again.

you prob right about the joining stories ,just thought about it as i was typing. not that i know what the two stories are or involve.

(SuperStevie09) #26

campaign on insane after dying horribly and seemingly unfairly yesterday made me feel i should have something after finishing a stage. :sweat_smile:

Population wise i’m not sure. seeing as the game itself doesnt have a population counter like 3 did/does. and with all the co-op games coming out soon separating campaigns instead of redesigning or evolving it might just create another reason people don’t find matches often or fast enough.

(SuperStevie09) #28

use population as an argument for a separated campaign and arcade? at the moment there is
campaign: no reward except maybe the little skull symbol.
horde: xp, credits and a card
versus: xp, credits.

I’m not saying campaign should be arcade mode and agree that it is about immersion. But to create arcade mode again so people can, as you say rush and get kills ignoring story is what horde is.

i know people who play campaign and some that don’t bother. Some people may want to revisit the story on a higher/lower difficulty for collectables or achievements so what’s wrong with some xp and credits to help unlock a character they don’t have?

as for public co-op, i guess lfg is the alternative these days anyway.

(Ektope) #30

If Gears 5 introduces Medal System again with Campaign Chapters requirement, I’d prob Speed Run through the shortest Chapter available.
Or just play them out normally in Arcade Mode.
Earn x number of XP in Arcade Chapters Medal, or such.
Gears 3 Campaign was the only one I actually replayed, just for four players co-op fun and Medal.

(SuperStevie09) #31

rewards become an argument when everything is based around loot boxes. not unlocking a character by playing.

i agree that playing the game to enjoy the story should be the primary focus, but in the end it’s not a movie or a book it’s a game that just introduced currency and rewards players with levels of experience.

And sometimes a laggy versus mode, quitters in horde make it hard to enjoy the gears experience so falling back to enjoy the campaign is the last option, it just doesnt work towards the other goal of unlocking things.

(Ektope) #33

It should be classed as HUD icon, it’s even possible to get rid of Weapon icon and in-game text.
So I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to hide using options menu.

(Noodie 5) #34

Here we go with the “dying” stuff…

Knock it off.