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3 simple things that will keep Gears 5 from dying

(G1RTH QuakeE) #1

In my opinion, these 3 things alone will keep Gears 5 from dying, or at least help keep the game thriving for years. Of course, there are other things, but these are the most important in my opinion.

  1. Incentives, incentives, and more incentives. Challenges (Daily, weekly, monthly.), grinding for unlocks, etc, will give players a reason to keep playing, The re-up and 500 credits for levelling just doesn’t cut it. If you could buy individual items with the credits like characters, skins, effects, etc, rather than just being able to buy an RNG pack, then that would be awesome.

  2. Quick matchmaking times. Having to wait ages to find a game, only to have the lobby dissolve cause of a quitter really kills the mood to play Gears. One change that can help with this is getting rid of core/comp and just having 1 balanced and fair tuning, because I feel like having 2 tunings is just dividing the player base, especially when there are different game modes to go along with the 2.

  3. Just show that you care! If players report bugs, balance issues, things they don’t like about the game, and give suggestions for improvement, you (TC) should show that you are listening by putting out fast updates and patches that fix the problems. Example, many players report that the HB is OP. Rather than trying to balance it, you remove it completely from the loadout, which is very lazy. Players say that the gnasher is stupidly inconsistent and you release multiple updates for it, yet it is still not completely fixed. It shouldn’t take months AND multiple updates to fix 1 bug, and there shouldn’t be any major problems with the game a year after release. You guys are more consistent at releasing monetized packs than fixing your own game!

I’m gonna use Halo Reach as an example here. Halo Reach is almost 8 years old, yet it is still thriving. It takes less than 30 seconds to find a full lobby, there are daily and weekly challenges, and there are a lot of things to grind for. Some players are even still grinding for things!

I believe that if TC listens to the fans and really puts their heart into Gears 5, it has the potential to be one of the best GoW games ever. :slight_smile:

(III EnVii III) #2

Communication is key and at the moment, I just don’t see a lot of it from TC …

(Chvnx) #3

Personally, it’s all about MP, not the grind, packs etc.

I just want a smooth Gears, Gears 3 style, where for the most part it just worked online,

UE is dead even though it’s the best Gears arguably and I think it’s due to how inconsistent it is online, many of my G-head buddies have quit this one also now for the same reasons.

TC really need to sort out their networking code for 5, simple.

Oh and also MM and the ranking system need addressing, solo players vs stacks with a ranking system that is entirely based on w/l is rather silly, too many fake diamonds running around pub stomping while holding hands vs. randys.

I still see some amazing players carry their team to a W while playing solo or w/ one more, they’re the real diamond players imho.

My 2 cents anyway.

(Duffman GB) #4

Good thread op

1: Content,content and content (that counts as one by the way :wink: ) As OP mentions we need Challenges be it Daily, weekly, monthly in both mp and Horde. To give credit TC have given us plenty of events, I would like to think they can mix it up a bit more with 5 though. I like unlocking items as well, the Onyx medals in 3 maybe a bit over the top but I would rather have them than not.
MP needs as above
Horde needs a lot more variety (4 unique bosses, 1 a reskin is very poor) and mutators in private play.
Campaign needs mutators and arcade mode. I would love 4 player co-op back again but think that is unlikely.

2: A (lot) longer, better campaign and post release story DLC, this has been a Gears staple and needs to return… Maybe vignettes from the Gears lore ?

3: To interact with us a lot more with what is going on and is to come. I was so happy when I got my first Feedback questionnaire, I think I have had 1 more maybe 2 since then… I have had several from Ubisoft re their games and they have been so indepth.
I am not naive, I do not think I alone can change anything with these sort of polls, but it shows me/us that we matter.

I know we all get frustrated from time to time but I’m willing to bet over 99% on this forum totally love Gears and what it to thrive.

(soulcalibr) #5

Fixing gnasher inconsistencies should have been addressed before launch of the game, and not as a fix for an obvious problem months (years) later. Still waiting on that patch that prevents my opponent from squirting out blood yet does 0% damage to them.

(III EnVii III) #6

Aw man, I don’t understand how you land 1-2 shots and after they super man gib you right through those shots - it says you did 0%

Yeah, so I must have imagined the blood coming from the other guy …

(G1RTH QuakeE) #7

One can only hope for a campaign as memorable as the Gears 2 campaign :grin:
P.S. I really hope they bring back the berserker! :blush:

(DeNy HiiPower) #9

Very good points! I’d love to see something like the onyx medals from Gears 3 make a comeback. Something that is a grind to get and you can show off after.

The biggest factor in my opinion is getting the gnasher right. I personally don’t think that any Gears game has gotten the shotgun perfect. If they could just get a gnasher that gives a consistent 1 shot at very close range and doesn’t almost down you from medium range, that would be game changer!

I’d also love you see free for all make a comeback!

(hotbeatz85) #10

And how about create a map option where players can create their own maps and play them on created map playlist. People Can Vote for their favorite maps, and have a leaderboard for favorite map.

(DarkChaoz95) #11

I believe TC said they planned to do this but had to cut the feature out because it was extensive work to do and couldn’t make it on time for launch. Definitely hope Gears 5 has this since this is a must.

I don’t think the xbox one is capable of handling of an in game map editor, definitely pc and maybe xbox one x but not the older versions.

Even if it does happen, it’s probably not going to be high detailed quality as TC made maps. If anything it’s going to be building blocks.

(Ess Rawr) #12
  1. Leaderboards
  2. FFA
  3. 1 Setting not core/comp

Thanks <3

(III EnVii III) #13

I do not know why Gears 2 style weapons tracker and leaderboards weren’t featured - they were fantastic!

I’m sure this “Battle Royale” rumour will pan out soon, I mean CoD is onboard so why not Gears!

And the tuning doesn’t matter to me - I mean all I play is KOTH and it’s always been core :+1:

I think it’s better to have two styles to suit players than force everyone to accept one.

(chaaze) #14

Exactly, if multiplayer stays broken, inconsistent and spiking lag all the time, Gears are done.

  • Retain barrel shooting
  • Remove the shot delays
  • Keep wall bouncing and canceling
  • Do not cater to new and bad players

(Bazinga I Core) #16

1, 60hz Server

  1. Fix Gnasher / Hit Regestration

  2. For each game modes own maps that the respawns are fair for all teams!!!

  3. we have 2018 quit and afk Guys Should recognize the game and give a hard Punish, for beginning and not after 2 years That the players know the rules.

  4. Fix your game befor you bring skins etc we want a runing and fair gamen and not a broken game!!!

  5. Give bad Players not advantages, they have to learn how to play god.

  6. Balanced teams

  7. So you can see you nothing do for Gears 4 only for Packs / Skins etc chance this for a long funny time in Gears 5.

Bazinga Out :slight_smile:

(HixBot) #17

Offline horde. Join in progress matchmaking.

(Ektope) #18
  1. Single Weapon Tuning.
  2. 4-Players Co-op Campaign.
  3. Quitting Penalties in Public Horde Mode.

(BadLuckBenjamin) #19

You guys are more consistent at releasing monetized packs than fixing your own game!

^ this x 100, post of the year right here

Ultimately whether or not TC decide to make a good game or just follow the money will be one of the main factors

When it comes to matchmaking, GoW 3 got it right, multiple rolling lobbies, drop in . . .drop out, EZ. When you have to spend 1/3 of your time waiting to get into games … . it gets to a point where its just not fun anymore

(hotbeatz85) #20

Modder playlist to keep all the cheaters in 1 lobby

(III EnVii III) #21

Haha yeah :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: