3 Short reasons why Gears population will remain niche (objectively speaking)

  1. Shotgun meta
    Feels like the Gnasher scares any form of new players away.

  2. Competition
    It did well when there weren’t a billion other options but now we have Valorant, Apex, Fortnite, Warzone, Overwatch etc…

  3. Progression and Transaction
    If the game is $60 then let there be progression, If f2p go with swipe the card method but not do both lol. I wasn’t here for the beginning of Gears but I heard cosmetics were a nightmare at the start.

These are just reasons I think the game will always be the same few thousand people playing. I don’t mind the game being niche and enjoy shotties, along with the current cosmetic system. Just sucks that the population will always be so limited.


I, too, wish Gears was a super popular game but I dont think it ever will be. Even in it’s prime, Gears wasnt that popular. It may sound weird but I think Gears 4 was the peak of Gears versus popularity simply because the tournaments were actually huge for the game. Obviously though Gears 1-3 was prime time Gears.

This is why I like Gears versus so much though. Not many other shooter game’s meta is getting up close with your enemy and outplaying them with movement.

Yeah Apex and Warzone being absolutely massive is drawing players away from Gears, including myself. Ive been hooked on Apex since it came out and even more since Valkyrie came out.

These don’t mean much to me honestly. Ive played the same 3 Lahni skins and the same 2 Bolter skins since the game came out. And levels don’t mean much to me either. I stopped at Reup XXX because I liked the XXX on my profile but then TC autoleveled me to max.


Personally I think the versus itself is what’s keeping gears from expanding its audience. I love versus as it is but if we keep it, we should expect our population to stay the same or even decrease.


Gears 4 events truly were insane. I’ve asked pros from other games and they always said Gears had some of the most hype venues lol.

Its a double edge sword. Can’t please everyone though, and its why I think I prefer the niche series better.


Agreed, but I cant sit here and say that I wouldnt love a capital supremacy type of gears game or an open world story driven gears game.

Reason 4…

Crossplay toggle.

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I have to disagree. Gears was the Pepsi to Halo’s Coke. When shooters were still finding their ground, Gears of War was very much a huge player. I remember at the Gears 3 midnight launch, both our Best Buy and Gamestop (I went to one, my brother went to the other, we wanted preorder skins) were jam packed. I think Best Buy that night had at least 60-70 people.

While it was never and will never be as big as Halo or CoD for reasons Sh00bie described, the original trilogy was absolutely a big hitter for Microsoft and Epic. Before Xbox acquired it, it had already sold 22 million copies as a franchise and made over a billion dollars.

But I think ultimately the fall of Xbox was simultaneously the fall of Gears because it was Microsoft exclusive. Gears 4 didn’t have the same hype surrounding it in large part because Xbox wasn’t the dominant console for shooters anymore. The franchise still gains some media attention and there are clearly people playing it, buying its merchandise, etc., but with the shooter over-saturation and the shotgun/movement meta being considerably harder to get into than simpler FPS mechanics, it’ll never be quite that big again.

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Yeah Gears was huge back in 06-11. But its same situation we’re in now. The game is popular when it comes out and people praise the campaigns then they leave and the people left are the die hard fans of the franchise.

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I wonder if gears will ever become stale to me like how cod did.

It won’t for me. Yeah I take breaks to go play other games but Gears is my main game and the only PvP I’m actually good at lol

Everytime a trailer drops for Gears or a new content drop comes out I just get excited to play the game. I dont get that hit of dopamine from any other game besides Destiny.


Same here, but I used to be a cod fanatic like I was with gears. I just fear I’ll log in one day and I’ll hate playing.

:pensive: same here.

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Zombies used to bring me excitement back in the day but not anymore since the atrocities that are BO4 and Vanguard Zombies.

I’ve been playing for like 15 years, I better be damn good at it atleast.

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I’ve seen some bo4 clips. Zombies on that game is a bit overhated tbh. EEs are stupid complicated on it but it looks solid.

Vanguard is straight buttcheeks. WW2 is the last good ww2 cod game.

I hope versus stays roughly the same as its been through the years and stay Gears.

Unfortunately I can’t get myself into other MP games like Fortnite, Apex, or even COD. Halo is the one exception as sometimes after I feel like I’ve played enough Gears for the day, that game is an easy alternative.

I also don’t think new players don’t give themselves enough time to get better at the game and learn the mechanics/ weapons. Maybe they think their skill in other games will translate.

Another reason is the vets not accepting change and pushing away newer players to not touch the game.

Final reason: Gears is a toxic community. Not in the forums but we all know what is said in messages and game chat.


I mean, it’s painful for me to watch someone so good at Halo jump into a casual Gears match and look like they don’t know what the ■■■■ they’re doing. I’m sure it’s just as painful for them to experience it firsthand.


This is me in fighting games. I’m GARBAGE at fighting games. I know shooting and fighting is like comparing apples to oranges but for someone who’s fairly decent at most videogames, I suck at fighting games. And I get worked up too easily to hang in there.

I’m never buying Mortal Kombat again for this reason…

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Same. I want to like MK so badly but my blood pressure cant take it.

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Yeah but since they’re completely different genres, that’s fine.

Gears is technically a shooter, so people good at shooters come into it expecting to still be good. But then they find it’s completely different and either get better at it or bail.

It’s like if a Street Fighter player tries Tekken for the first time. Both technically fighting games, but only part of the skillset transfers because they’re completely different.


Big facts.

I just know I’m terrible in fighting games, its definitely something I’d love to get good at but will most likely never happen.

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