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3 Remakes in Gears 5 already

I didn’t get to watch too much today, but was disappointed with Foundation - it looks pretty much identical to the GOW4 version. I’d have hoped that remake maps at least look different aesthetically - like night time or rain/snow effects.

Reading the comments here, I presume the other two (Forge Blitz) and the other one were also straight up copies with no aesthetic changes…?

They did not receive cosmetic changes, it’s exactly the same.

Well that sucks.

I’m playing catch up woth everything that’s happened as I was busy today, but some of the comments in response to Ryan Clevan’s tweet apparently implies that these three maps might not be in the final product and were only included to give the eSports teams a sense of familiarity …? Sounds a bit strange if that’s the case. Why feature these maps at all when the tournement is about showcasing GOW5?

I dunno how easy it is to copy and transfer existing maps across from GOW4 to GOW5. I was under the impression that even recreating remake maps for new games takes a significant amount of work and it’s not a simple copy and paste job (just look at the GOW4 season pass debacle!)

Reading through some of these responses, I can’t help but feel like some might be jumping the gun a bit. To my understanding, they have not confirmed whether those maps with no changes will be in Gears 5, or if they were included specifically for this tournament. Just like they haven’t said how many maps the game will ship with, how many of those will be ports / remakes, or how many maps will come over time.

Personally, I’m reserving judgment until we hear more details.

Willing to bet at least a third of the final Gears 5 maps are gonna be copy and pasted from Gears 4.

I’d be totally cool with recycled Gears 4 assets if that also meant some more of our bought/earned skins (besides Gilded) were ported over too. But they won’t be soooo…

Man foundation is copy paste lol. Olso I haven’t seen any progretion with the graphics. The game looks the same like 4!

A winter theme would have sufficed.

Night cycle would have been easy.

Some soft snowfall that can add up on a player not moving would have been a nice touch.

Especially when the map is identical.

And for your sake Eric, I can only hope that they bring back Checkout, Blood Drive, and Raven Down as well

Checkout is probably the only map I would bring back from gears 4.


Checkout is a horrible map :sob:

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two Of the most beautiful maps look wise are Azura And Depths one has the bioshock flavor and the other remind me of halo 2 Campain Relics. Having them changed would have me want them vs needing them

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I’m pretty salty they didn’t come out with any new maps…but they added like 6 “new” ones to play on and they’re all good technically