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3 Remakes in Gears 5 already

So watching this stream we now know that Foundation, Dam and Forge Blitz are returning.


I saw that… Just can’t believe… Gears 4.5


I mean we all knew that some maps would return and we all knew foundation would definitely be 1 of them. But hopefully thats it for launch. People will be very upset

Yea, and like TheRazoredEdge mentioned in his youtube vid breaking down the original Versus footage of pros playing, it seems the game is using CORE weapon tunings, atleast for the gnasher. I’m very disappointed in that. Considering there’s only 1 weapon tuning in 5, now I have to deal with CORE gnashers in every mode, smh.

My biggest issue with the core gnasher is the fall off. It shouldnt be a close to mid range weapon. It they would just cut down the fall off then it would be perfect

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I pray that these somehow don’t make it to the final game, and that they’re only for this Esports event/build…
They don’t even seem to be remade. Just straight imported from Gears 4 into 5.

No wonder why the maps are going to be free this time… :pensive:


:frowning: really. Have they changed anything with them. Really disappointed in this news!

Havent seen them played yet. So far its only been the 2 new known maps Training Grounds and District.

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I am kinda surprised that they bring back 3 maps from Gears 4 already. About the weapon tuning, maybe it has 2 tunings again aswell?! When we remember about the Gears 4 beta, which had also only one tuning which was core.

Later in the full game they brought 2 weapon tunings. Core and comp.

Ryan Cleven already answered a few times in dev streams that it’s 1 tuning.

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So weird. Why would they return 3 (!!!) maps from Gears 4? Why don´t they showcase more new maps? I thought they wanted to show that Gears 5 is different enough from 4 to get in new players.
And now they import 3 old maps? Not even chaning them up lol.

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I can only agree on what you are saying. Mad annoying!

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I’ve honestly seen enough of foundation already…bringing it back is completely unnecessary


Because it’s easier.

Is there a chance they have just been put in for this tournament ? Please be that!

I like Foundation though… But other then that, I’m glad I haven’t pre-ordered Gears 5 yet. Not going to pay $60/80,- for Gears 4.5 with a bunch of map remakes. :unamused:

The core gnasher, especially when playing over internet and not LAN is the more consistent weapon, so I’m glad they’re going with that as the one tuning.

No way I’m buying this game now. This game looks so boring. I’ll play later on down the road but just for campaign and horde when the editor comes out for that.

It’s literally gears of war 4 multiplayer again. No way. No way. No way. Stopping this right now. Will not buy.


We want new maps. Gears 5 original maps. And 1 or 2 remakes. 3 max. N def not that many just from gears 4!

Are you listening TC. This is extremely disappointing.


Too bad you can use it as a longshot. Consistent or not, it’s ridiculously OP, and takes away from the Gears feel of a shotty fight. No need to have movement when you can just play like a bot.

Yea, I assume since 4’s assets are so close to 5’s, it was easy to throw the maps in, so looks like they went for the quick & easy route. LOL, they’re even using Remix maps already. Dunno what to say, it is pretty ridiculous though that they showed that many 4 maps, without a single classic map from any other series.