3 reasons that would improve the game

2-Bots in the matchs
3-recharge active or increase damage to main weapons, especially gnasher

I really don’t understand why TC doesn’t make these simple adjustments, they are very simple and it would save a lot of complaints from people, and if they put the horde / escape movement it would be even better.


I feel like rejoining rank matches should be up here like in GoW4


1: I could live with either
2: bots are not worth it
3: no


Quickplay can be very boring due to most games being 4v2 / 3v2 / 5v3 etc. Bots would be a decent addition to make the maps feel more alive as well (when having less people than usual)


Either add bots or get rid of co op vs. AI

Both aren’t necessary IMO

How much social versus have you played?

Until you’ve played a lot of versus social, you wouldn’t understand.

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If I have 7 days in versus.

You can attribute 2-4 hours in social.

Ok. That’s not a lot of time. Starting 1v4 is crazy.

Maybe that 1 should get friends.

Sounds great.

But…the reason for social was not having the need for stacks.

Stacks who play social regularly probably aren’t that good.

Go ranked instead.


Never said that it had to be a stack.

Playing 1v4 for a few rounds isn’t a big deal

Post footage proving such.


4v1 against bots is not a big deal, but what about you versus a 4 people stack that want to warm up before heading into ranked?

If I want to slay mindless bots I select VS AI but the idea of bots in social is to cover for empty slots while new players join the game. The idea is to have 8-10 players in the match at all times, but when that is not the case, a team of bots is a million times better than being alone against a 4 stack in a map like Regency.

Right now in social, best case scenario I get 2 out of 10 games a full lobby, rest of the time is 4v1,l 2v2, 3v3 and anything in between.


Then that person can quit and try again for a non-sweat social lobby. Or I know this is crazy, look for friends to not end up alone in social.

A better recommendation would be having fixated slots. Player 1 on team A. Then 2 on B. 3 on A.

You don’t understand, and by your playtime in social I can understand why (4 hours out of 168 follows under statistical margin of error which can be rounded to 0).

Look for friends? I’m the one in a 4 stack against one, trust me, it is no fun at all.

Fixated slots? so split my stack? I want to play WITH my friends but the system decides to place them AGAINST me? does that make sense to you?

Some people dislike bots in some playlists and with good reason: they eat lives in TDM and having a bot as the leader in Guardian ruins the match in no time. But KOTH? what is wrong with bots filling in until human players arrive? worst case scenario no one else arrives but at the very least the map doesn’t feel like an empty desert.

Bots worked fine OP1-OP4, now I hardly play social at all. Who in their right mind would’ve said that your chances of finding a balanced match on ranked were higher than in social? No one months ago but now is the safest bet.


Except, it’s not “just a few rounds.” Its every single match that’s played.

And your solution “just play with friends” doesnt solve anything. I do play in a TO3, but this usually results in the enemy team quitting in either round 1 or 2. The MM then doesnt work and ends up being a 3v1/2 for multiple matches.

This has been my Gears PvP experience ever since Guardian was moved from ranked, and I’m willing to bet for a lot of people too. We’ve been forced out of ranked because of party restrictions, modes being removed… and now we have to deal with an abundance of Quick play MM bugs. Like putting players on the team that already has the number advantage.


Yes playtime = knowledge. Social is boring to me. It offers nothing.

Afraid to play against your friends in social? But that wasn’t my point. That was for people filling solo. Stacks would stay the same.

If the argument is a player keeps facing a 1v4 to the point it is a problem; in 2021; I have no empathy for them if they can’t find others to play with it versus is their prerogative. Either play a couple rounds until others join or quit out until they find a lobby that they find fair.

Play ranked then for guaranteed teammates in KOTH.

Then play ranked. Or custom lobbies. If people quit, they quit its social. Come and go as they please.

It solves the solo players’ problem of being alone.

That’s a different issue with guardian. Can’t fix low player count with more popular MP out there.

If it is a bug, I would hope TC would fix it. Which I still think is a better solution than bots - one of the OP’s points.

I’ve played Gears long enough, and a lot of it, to know what I like, what I don’t, and refusal to play sh*t I don’t like. Never been a fan of KOTH even back in Gears 3 when I was doing 11 map cycles between that and execution. TDM? Lol no, and even if I wanted to, theres a party limit of 2 and I always play with two other people. FFA and 2v2, well, refer to my prior reason.

TC has forced hundreds, if not thousands of people out of ranked because of these horrible limitations they’ve set. And all these people have either quit the game entirely of moved to Quick play. And yeah, obviously theres going to be quitting, but to help with there should be bot back filling. The MM takes far too long, barely works, has a ton of bugs, and well… is a another quality of life thing that could help improve this game. It’s the least they can do after butchering Ranked for the lot of us. The only mode I’ll argue against is TDM, as players could easily farm AIs for free kills which directly impacts the outcome of matches.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, regarding social I’d literally have one big random mosh pit of game modes with (preferably) no bots similar to gears 4. All 5v5 full squads.

Guardian, TDM, KOTH, Warzone, Arms race, dodgeball, execution, gridiron etc. Keeps it fresh, the player base more condensed and ranked is there for the specific sweaty modes.

Only thing I’d have separate is a quick play 14 player FFA

Guardian & execution added into ranked also for some actual thinking game modes