3 ranked points suggestions

1 - Give credit for winning a round.
If you are truly trying to “rank” players, a team that loses but goes 3 rounds is likely better than a team that loses in 2 rounds. Give some points (maybe 25) to the losing team and slightly fewer (125) to the winning team. Currently both teams benefit from 3 rounds due to increased total points, but the winners shouldn’t rank up further because of losing a round.

2 - Cap total points won or lost when a player leaves or otherwise adjust scoring (I played so many matches yesterday where someone left and only 1 time did they rejoin. Fix that too - allow players to rejoin)
Everyone has had a teammate leave when you’re close to winning, getting destroyed, and, in a match I played yesterday someone left in the 1st 5 sec. As far as I recall, I have never won a round of KOTH 4 vs 5 (I’m sure this is true with other game types). The winning team shouldn’t necessarily be punished, but again, if you are “ranking” people, do you deserve a ton of points if you were going to lose, but won because someone lagged out? Not only do you not lose points, you gain a bunch.

Put in a new parameter that adjusts points won or lost based on how the game was going prior to a player leaving. If you were losing and people rage quit, then you deserve a regular loss. But if you won a round and were winning the next, give credit for that - at a minimum make it a draw or only a loss of a few points. And, if someone quits very early in the game (1st min), just stop the game like is done during matchmaking. I hate staying to finish a game trying to eek out a few more kills to mitigate my losses in a guaranteed loss. Also it feels unfair when I win 5 on 4. Neither situation is what I sat down to play Gears for.

3 - Increase points cap for captures in KOTH to 15.
The cap for kills was doubled and I have never met the new cap. I think it’s rare for others to get 80 kills, although I haven’t specifically paid attention. However, I still get limited in the number of points I can get for trying to capture the objective, which is how you actually win the game. It’s not uncommon for me to have 15 caps. Since kills and breaks limits are rarely met in general, why should I regularly lose that 5 extra points for caps.

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