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3 Problems In Horde

Marking Enemies.

I played horde today as JD and couldn’t mark any enemies making my ultimate completely useless. I turned the game off and on and still the same. I turned the xbox off completey and still the same. I came in as different characters and still couldn’t mark anyone and I went into escape and still the same. I though it was my controller so went back to gears 4 and marked enemies with ease. Anyone have an idea or experiencing the same?

Kait and the Fabricator

So When I started playing Horde (a few days after release) I found anytime I played as Kait I was unable to buy grenades from the fabricator. I thought it was a bug that would be fixed so left her character alone until I went at it again and still the same result. Still can’t buy any weapons from the fab at all yet I have seen other players use Kait and buy weapons with no problem. Its fairly annoying at this stage and any when I use another character I have no problem buying weapons from the fab it is litterally just Kaits character can’t.

Game Crash

A new one. Any time I play Horde I get, at best, a few second before the game crashes and throws me back to the home screen on Xbox. What the hell is going on? Ever since OP 2 was released I am running into more problem than ever before.

Playing with a guy on foundation yesterday and he was using JD and couldn’t mark anything. Said this always happens with JD only and only on foundation. He had to leave as it was no point of him playing. The fabricator thing has happened to me a few times with JD mostly. I see all the weapons but can’t buy them, had to ask other players to buy frags for me to suicide with JD. I guess it’s all bugs as this game is full of them. The best one I had so far was on Dam. Had the best game ever with a bunch of guys who were extremely good, on master. We got till the end of wave 49 and one sniper left. We downed him and his head got stuck in a wall and he couldn’t be killed no matter what we tried…Game over. Bug filled mess this game, but we still play it.

Only 2?
Horde is a dead joke in g5

It’s not just jd, I haven’t had that problem with jd but with other charectures not being able to mark

it’s actually 3 problems. one that you forgot mentioning.

THIRD PROBLEM: Players aren’t allowed to buy any weapon they like regardless of class.

2 months have come by and still the same issue. the loadouts are not complete.

I have not had these two issues recently. But I remember someone saying they couldn’t mark, yesterday.

If your character dies and respawn, would that solve the issue?

I have the same problem as Kait, can’t buy weapons from fabricator but not always, when it happens all the weapons appears to buy, not just the ones attached to Kait class, but can’t buy any, not even the ones from Kait class.
I think it only happens when I play custom made Horde, when I use matchmaking the problem seems to not trigger.

Will try a few more times to make sure.

Not being able to buy stuff from the fabricator seems to only happen when you join a game in progress, in my experience. It’s very frustrating.

I also have issues with marking enemies sporadically.

Right been playing since I started this thread and still the same. Still cant mark enemies or weapons or fortifications.

@Ektope I tried the die and respawn approach and still nothing. Its all characters not just JD when it comes to marking enemies.

@o_GH0UL_o I started my own solo game as kait and still couldn’t buy things from the fab and it is now affecting Fahz too. Every other character can buy things but those 2 can’t for what ever reason.

@Fonslayer Yeah the odd time all weapons appear like the lancer and lancer gl and cant buy and when its weapons associated with kaits class I still cant buy from the fab. Doesnt seem to matter what game I join or start its just the same.


Let me add some fourth problem to that, albeit mostly affecting Kait players… big open sightlines on almost every map heavily disadvantaging a close combat class, forcing you to basically have to wait for a good while until enemies are anywhere near your effective range, and being unable to use cover to move around effectively because almost everything is an instant down on anything above Advanced if the extra damage modifier is turned on(in particular once the 2x damage poison activates after wave 30) and there is hardly any adequate cover to use to move around. Training Grounds in particular is very much guilty of this, and almost every time I try to play Kait on the map it’s a terrible, poor, annoying experience that isn’t fun whatsoever. While Mister JD has no such problems because his weapons can reach pretty much anywhere on the map and don’t lose effectiveness at range either.

If we weren’t stuck with this shoehorned hero system, of course, none of this would be a problem whatsoever because I wouldn’t be stuck with a close combat role on maps designed to almost exclusively focus on ranged combat if I wanted to be Kait who is my favorite character by far.


Seems to me that there are some very serious balance issue between the hero classes , starting that they shouldn’t exist at all in a game like this and still they are forcing this system altogether nevertheless.


One only has to look at JD to get the scope of these imbalances. Only Kait can get close and the difference between her and JD, when people are very keen to slap an OP sign on Kait, is so absurd that JD has to do practically nothing in comparison to what a Kait has to put up in terms of effort to come close to the performance of a JD player. And that’s excluding the fact that maps are designed in such a way to favor JDs ranged advantage while Kait has to basically wait for enemies to blunder into range, if they haven’t been killed by JD until then, unless she cloaks up, and even then if the JD player wants all the kills, if Kait can’t get a few shots in beforehand, you might as well go to the back of the base and play with your toes if you weren’t going to fight for those kills like a madman and still feel unrewarded because of how much effort you have to put in while JD just launches some explosives in the general direction of anything for almost always immediate results.

Ok so all the problems are still present in horde but to add to it ever since OP 2 began I am now being thrown back to the home screen on xbox. What the actual **** is going on? Multiple attempts and still the game crashes. What is going on here?

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Maybe you play roles wrong?

Anyhow, my experience with the “bug” of not being able to mark enemies is that you have accidentally changes your controller mapping specific to Gears 5. Go under controller settings and youll see that some other button has been mapped to that function. Took me a while to figure out the issue.

Maybe it’s something to do with certain consoles, i have had some problems on my one xbox but on my other xbox I have no problems at all

They simply shouldn’t exist dan…the game didn’t need it…new maps/weapons n enemies…would have sufficed…but they weren’t catering for gears players…and still aren’t :roll_eyes:

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Hi @foosniper , the game is bugged down with limiting factors as well.

for example if you use JD and use the normal lancer from other player and you picked an ammo box it only gives you 60 rounds max, however if you are using the same weapon as Marcus if gives you 120 rounds… I really hate those limiting factors, it almost makes you fell that ammo its a luxury item on a shooting game like Gears 5.

this kind of things makes the game as for me unplayable.

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Things that make Horde take a long time:
Any strategy/task that utilizes leaving one enemy alive or crawling increases the overall time of the match.
-more time to dismantle weapons for energy
-more time to repair fortifications
-capturing a power tap
-getting ammo boxes
-life cycling JD
As difficulty increases, these strategies are implemented more often to help offset the increased difficulty.
Also, any difficulty or modifier that increases, regenerates, or revives enemy health is going to increase the time it takes to kill all of the enemies.
An addition factor is map geography and enemy type, which affects how long it takes all of the enemies of a wave to find their way into a kill zone.

The ways to make horde take less time:
Kill all the enemies as fast as you can (this is where there is room for strategy)
Skip the wave timer to advance
Play fewer waves (this is where we need TC to offer alternative modes/variants)

Alright this is total bull. How have they not fixed the game crashing. I litterally can only play social quick play now.