3 players local coop?

I wonder in GOW 5 if it’s possible to play horde or escape with 3 players for a local coop match on the same Xbox? So the Screen should split in 3? I would like to try!
Also I got a problem with my original xbox one head set when I’m in a party while playing I can hear my voice echoing and tv volume as well while my friend doesn’t have any issue … So annoying
Something I can do about that?

At the main menu, press RT to open the social menu and press the Options/Start button on your other controllers to add local players to the squad. You can play all game modes with 3 people this way.

As for your audio issue, it could be because you’re too close to your TV or the Audio settings for your headset are picking up louder noises. You can probably check this by plugging in your headset, using the Xbox Guide button to open the overlay and scroll to the rightmost tab with your profile. There should be an Audio option just above settings where you can adjust the Mic Monitoring and balance the audio mix between game and chat.


Thank you so much for everything!!! :+1::ok_hand:

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