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3 gears 4 maps imported into gears 5 is a joke

I hope so,

I want a big variety but with quality.

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I would definitely like a dark version of Dam this time even though I’m not that fond of the map overall.

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I would like to add to this survey such maps from previous parts of Gears of War such as:

  • Mausoleum (Gears of War 1)
  • Raven Down
  • Jacinto (Gears of War 2)
  • Avalanche (Gears of War 4)
  • Mercy (Gears of War 3)
  • Sandbar (Gears of War 3)
  • Azura (Gears of War 3)
  • Bullet Marsch (Gears of War 3) (version without rain)
  • Depths (Gears of War 3)
  • Academy (Gears of War 3)
  • Lost City (Gears of War: Judgement)
  • Museum (Gears of War: Judgement)
  • Ward (Gears of War: Judgement)
  • Gondola (Gears of War: Judgement)
  • Library (Gears of War: Judgement)

Epic was…what?! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hail, Mausoleum, Escalation, Stasis, Security…

Some of the worst asymmetric maps in gaming. CoD Ghosts is the only other game I have played that is as bad as this in that regard. For every map with good flow you get those duds that aren’t good for Gears.

We don’t need asymmetrical maps. I’m not attacking anyone. I’m just saying. Epic had some big misses.

You are slagging off Hail… Ok then.

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Those maps were great in the respective games.

Mausoleum was excellent!!

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Where exactly did you get the info, that they were just for the stream? How do we know, they are not in the game and if yes, how do we know, they will be changed till then? Did they announce something in that regards?

We wanted to only reveal 2 of the new maps. We also wanted to give teams some familiar maps given the mode was so different.

— Ryan Cleven (@nodezero) July 13, 2019

Common sense.

Foundation, Forge Blitz, and Dam might be in Gears 5, but not as they were in Gears 4. Just use your head and think about it.

This is missing Streets, from Gears Judgement, which was the best map in the game, though Haven would actually fit in very well with Gears 5 winter theme.

This does not really confirm whether they are in Gears 5 or not. Just that thy chose to show these instead of more new maps. I think they even said in the stream, that gears 4 maps will return. So they are most likely in the game.

Common sense.

Foundation, Forge Blitz, and Dam might be in Gears 5, but not as they were in Gears 4. Just use your head and think about it. We´ll see. If they return, then hopefully different looking.

Knowing TC by now, I wouldn´t be shocked in the slightest if they just ported them over to Gears 5, without visual changes.

I mean I completely agree

But as long as they dont be lazy and make new maps and remake old ones from other gears games than I’ll be alright.

Dam SUCKS I hate dam so ugly yellow all over the place.

Considering this game is the base of gears 4 I dont see euy cant just add all the maps from gears 4 to this game.

I see them being lazy AGAIN with map building but the more the marryer in my opinion

Old maps are okay as long as it was easy and doesnt take time from developing new maps.

It confirms that those maps were only used for the tournament. Ryan specifically stated, “we wanted to only reveal 2 new maps”. When we get old Gears maps in new games, they’re often changed. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little, but there is some change. What we saw yesterday were just ported maps from Gears 4. Those aren’t going to appear again. I guarantee it.

All maps that have returned from previous games have been changed to some degree. What we saw are clearly Gears 4 ports. Those aren’t going to be in the final product. Also, if they were going to bring back Gears 4 maps, Dam is not going to be one of them. Foundation, Reclaimed, and Harbor have a much better chance.

I wish TC would just confirm what anyone with common sense can already surmise. Those maps as they are, will not be in 5.

Hey people, let me pour some oil on the fire:

It shows the two new maps and Forge Blitz and Foundation. Both are exactly the same as Gears 4. Unless they’re currently included to limit the amount of known maps (to the public) to two, they’ll be copy pasted.

And as a side-note: I love the new quotes. “YEESSSSS, KILLLL MOOORRREEE!!!”

I was hoping foundation would at least be winter themed or something other than a direct copy of a not that amazing to begin with map…

Also, my Kait timer was at 52 minutes and it took 45 minutes to get to 60 minutes

Tc nothing learn from gears 4 remake map already in gears 5 people saying on eleague stream why eleague streaming gears 4 they don’t know that tc just copy and pasted gears 4 map on gears 5 tc destroyed gears franchise

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Absolutely. Any map element that halts movement to that degree has no place in any pvp mode. Weapon spawns alternated along with player spawn sides so on hail one side would always get the Sniper. Asymmetrical design is awful for competitive multiplayer.

Security locks off half the map. There’s a reason the front fence is off in KOTH. People complained about Escalation (the map not the mode) all the time. One team gets high ground and the lower spawn gets two sniping weapons.

My bad not mausoleum. I know there was an asymmetrical map that was like a graveyard area though. I remember playing Execution on it.

Storywise, construction should be complete by the time of gears 5. Deebees are worse than the people in my area that take forever fixing the roads.

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You might mean Sanctuary :+1: