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3 gears 4 maps imported into gears 5 is a joke

Now reskinned and re textured I full will get behind but.

And forge

So far foundation is exactly the same as gears 4, a game were just gonna get finished up playing and hopping right back Into in gears 5, is this a joke?

So many things I’ve seen done right with how 5 so far (besides the omen) but importing maps without even updating them in anyway is an absolute lazy pisstake.


Foundation Neon

Dam Nightmare

Forge Wildfire

Remake them :+1:

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They should have at LEAST given a Winter theme to them, going with Gears 5.

Really lazy and not a good start considering how much people complained on these forums about too much old maps.


Hopefully they do have more winter themed maps as it is that season in GOW 5.

I feel like you guys are getting prematurely upset. They wanted to put the focus on the two MP maps we will be playing in the tech test. There will be more when the final product is out. Just be patient. They felt like they didn’t want to spoil the others and so let’s just wait and see.


Do you want a replay with Gears of War 2? :smiley:
There also old maps from 1 were all winter xD

I will also say this to you honestly … in general, this 5 promises to be very lazyly done … the executions will mostly be the same as the 4 parts, skins the same with 4 parts and new ones from the swarm is a joke.
This part will be such a tapeworm, unless Battlefield 3 and then 4 or even better FIFA every year a new game and only new teams are added for the price of a full-fledged product xD.
I have mixed feelings … I do not see this part of the wolf evolution, only stagnation to 4 parts …

The point really isn’t that they’re being ported to 5. I fully expected at least 3 to 4 gears 4 maps to return. The problem is that all three that were shown are literally no different then from 4. They didn’t bother to change the aesthetics to them at all. It’s awful. When I watched the stream I honestly thought I had the wrong stream because I thought they were gonna play 4. It was baffling.

Yes, because they wanted to showcase the two maps we’re going to be playing during the Tech Test.

The gameplay and the two new maps are what they wanted to show us. Wait until the final product is out before getting upset.

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You’re not listening. I’m not upset they’re in the game, dude. I’m upset because they’re not changed in the slightest. Gears 1-4 had Gridlock but all 4 of them had a different look to them. Foundation in Gears 5 is just Foundation from Gears 4. It’s not rocket science.


I’m on vacation and missed a lot today, can someone link me to what the heck we’re all freaking out about? Thanks!

eSports Stream.

Esc 2.0.

Looks mostly like 4 but updated.

2 new maps.

3 old ones.

Oh and there were technical issues with getting Kait and everyone lost their minds.



I am listening. You’re not listening. They’re not changed because they’re not meant to be the focus of what we saw today. DUH. The focus is on District and Training Grounds. You know, the two maps we’re going to be playing in the Tech Test.

This isn’t hard to understand. TC has even said as much.

You’re right, which is why I don’t understand why you’re having trouble grasping those maps were toss ins and aren’t going to be the final products in Gears 5.

But if you want to be upset over nothing, I can’t stop you. Continue on.

Lmao we have less then 2 months. We’ll be lucky to get any changes by then but okay.

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Maps are probably some of the easiest things for TC to make.

100% chance you’re getting upset over nothing, dude. If the game comes out and the maps are the same, feel free to complain. I will be right there with you, but until then, just assume they just ported over Gears 4 maps specifically just for the weekend’s tournament and don’t read too much into it.


Yo man, don’t want to keep spamming this, but this Gears 5 survey asks what maps you’d like to see in Gears 5 (and variations etc.):

Importing a map EXACTLY from a previous version is definitely disrespect to the community.

I’m totally with III EnVii III and his map variation ideas. He’s got consistent good ideas.

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I came from youtube where i wached some Forge footage, and i don’t know is it only me, but the map looks worse than in G4. Maybe it’s just a time not seeing that map in G4 with my owm eyes.


I never watched it.,but could they just be using the gears 4 maps so not to give spoilers on new maps for gow 5.
It was just a thought.
But in all honesty I know there lazy and probably just copied and pasted them

Youtube compression makes footage look worse. I presume you are comparing it to your own gameplay experiences.

Although it’s a fair argument that they’re the most popular maps from 4 and they’d have those finished first for the beta/etc.

Jumping into this discussion late only to say that we are getting a brand new campaign which is worth the games ticket price. Anything else thrown at us in the form of multiplayer is bound to have new and old elements to it. Plus, why change something that I was/is already good?