2x/4x character xp boost despite having all my characters nearly maxed out (GIVE US MORE CHARACTERS)

Man if only I had Clayton/Coletrain/Paduk to level up during this event instead of having to wait 9 months to be able to play as them because of this literal craptastic seasonal drip fed content plan that TC really seems to love with an undying passion! Sarcasm aside you guys really need to just ditch the hero system already and just give the players the characters they want (Playing as onyx vermelo and/or DR1 gets real stale for me)

What role do you think they should have?

Cole: Tank is too obvious. Iā€™d go with scout seeing how he flanked those enemies and saved Marcus in Gears 2.

Clayton: Heavy for sure, maybe with skills that increase heavy weapon damage. Mulcher for sure and maybe boomshot.

Paduk: obviously a sniper but spawns with Markza and Boltok. Maybe a hammerburst too.

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I would love Cole to have a Taunt ultimate where he has all enemy attention focus on him but gains a significant damage reduction and speed boost.

(A bit like when he aggravated the Brumak in Gears PC/UE and got it to chase him)


Wow you know I own Gears UE but never played the campaign. I gotta see this!


UE added in some extra campaign chapters at the start of Act 5, the levels were pretty decent :slight_smile:


Paduk with the sniper strike ultimate !!! :innocent: