2vs2 boxes, please watch TC

Hello TC people, I wanted to give a little idea about a map for mode 2 against 2, Mercy would be, closing the map and leaving as a place of confrontation the church, would remember Gears 3 when we played 1vs1 only Gnasher, since it would be fun more maps, in advance thanks


That’s a decent map choice, War Machine’s “Boxes” does get very tiring very fast.

Yes it does. Played 2 matches of Boxes…

Stopped playing, didn’t even qualify for a rank yet.

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Mercy’s Church is indeed a very popular spot, see it featured in many recording of duels on Facebook groups.

@AliceInChainsaw and I did the same amount of matches before we gave up on it. So boring.

I like your idea more maps are needed. TC team are more likely read it at [Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback