2v2 weird issues I'm having

I used to play a lot of escalation and I regularly play comp warmup, so I have a feel for competitive tuning. However, I’m having loads of issues in this 2v2 event. Players bodying me from further away than I can, Shooting at the same exact time and me getting bodied and doing no damage to them, shooting players point blank for 0-94 damage, etc. There were 2 times I remember explicitly.

  1. I remember being opposite of a player on one of those square things near the statue. I was in the middle and the other player was on the left side, so I made my way around to the right side and ran to his corner of the cover, setting up for a back-A. I reached the corner a little before he did and did a back-A, did no damage, and got bodied.

  2. the 2 squares behind the statue is where this happened. Another player and I were opposite each other on the square. We rotated and I managed to get a good hit off with an active. He decided to play wide for some odd reason, so I went for an up-A/Reaction shot. He and I shot at the exact same time and I died, but he didn’t. I did no damage except for when I hit him with the active.

A bunch of other things have happened like this, regardless of the other player’s ping.
Sorry for the long post. This is just me just venting my anger from this game, but I’m also curious if anyone else is having issues like this or it’s just me and I need to git gud?