2v2 Needs 2 little changes

2v2 is pretty fun, I like it, but there are a two little things that are kinda annoying.

A front and side spawn

A lot of people don’t seem to have a problem with this but for a balance standpoint, there should be two side spawns.
The reason for this is the person on front spawn tends to go onto the right side of the box, opposite of him will be the person who has side spawn and will get there slower. Giving the person with front spawn an unfair advantage.


I have no idea how they work in 2v2, sometimes you spawn with them, sometimes you don’t. I haven’t noticed a pattern but if it’s completely random then that’s not very fair. I’d say everyone should spawn with no actives so they can be rewarded for staying alive and using it at the right time.


Actives are strange, again, sometimes I have them and sometimes I don’t.


It’s strange :thinking:

Totally, totally, (totally) agree. The person in back spawn also spawns on the left side, so it entices them even more to go to the left side, which is going to be a huge disadvantage. I hate asking my friend for front spawn sometimes (he is usually host), but it seriously is a huge advantage in terms of getting kills. If you want to rank up, take front spawn lol. Otherwise it can get really awkward if the enemy plays aggressive and you have nowhere to go.

There actually are two side spawns. The way the spawning system works is that it’s in a triangle. There is a front row (1 middle spawn), mid row (2 side spawns), last row (2 side spawns).

Look at the following picture from 2v2 private boxes (was a glitch, but shows my point):

Now just remove the front Carmine and you have two balanced spawns. It already exists. Hopefully TC will tweak it to that if they agree.

Idk how the active timer works either lol. But yeah I think actives should be removed from the playlist altogether (like it was in UE). No active damage boosts at any point.


Couldn’t have said it better myself

Will agree about actives, I have no idea when or when I may not start with them in the barrel heh. Also it does occasionally suffer the match up issues, more than once I’ve been playing against two Diamonds and I’m only Silver2 right now (to be honest, I did well enough in the ranking matches I thought I might squeak Gold).

IDK how many people use the War Journal but I check it out every now and then to look at stats and saw that 2v2 Gnashers mode isn’t there yet and the Hammerburst is still as a primary loadout weapon. I asked @TC_Octus a while ago if it will get updated and have bounties for it but still haven’t heard back yet.

Agreed. I mentioned the spawn points in a previous post. It’s a small, but ultimately unfair advantage in the end.

As for the actives, the fact that they’re random always has been ridiculous.

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85% for 3 shots seems to be the magic number for boxes. Cant stand it when i hit 2 clean point blanks which should kill the enemy then hit em with another which should definitely kill or down him then i get 1 shotted from 20 feet away

Agree, however, they also need to make it infinite ammo to prevent stalemates, as well as removing the hop up area(the 2 areas that are lower down near the 2 pillars) as this upsets the map balance and gets me killed a lot, bring it up so all around is the same height and put a sandbag there

I agree with that also. Theres isnt much room to battle at the points where you can drop down from without getting dropped down. Makes it hard to get the wide angle shot then have to reposition from falling down

Not sure if you realize this, but the person in the front spot can move to the empty side position leaving the front spot open and giving both players a side by side start. Had it happen the other day and it threw me off having nobody in the lead spot lol