2v2 MVP + win = lose points

Fix your ranking for the millionth time. I should not be losing points when I win the match and get MVP.

The other team was favored too so yeah.

Ranking system in Gears 5 is pointless


I made a post about this earlier, I went 11-7, won against a favored team 7-3 and lost 22 points

It just doesn’t make sense. How are we supposed to gain points when it is like this.

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The ranking system does not work for single life game modes/low elim game modes

Currently ranking is broken in both Execution and 2v2 gnashers.

Ranking works properly in team deathmatch/koth/esc - because those are all high kill game modes.
But nothing I say can really make them change that.

It doesn’t work at all in any game mode

It has its flaws, but those of us who have gotten high rankings have consistently been able to do it over and over again after each reset. It works, just not as well as it should.

But I agree with @nickwithtea93 that it’s flawed when it comes to single-life game types.

Yep. Getting to masters seems to be a clear and consistent path in respawn game types

In all single life game types getting to Diamond 1 is an achievement even. Feels very broken

Lol it works in TDM? bullsh1111111t yo lol ima Gears OG and i was Onyx through my playthrough in Gears 4 but guess what? I get mvp in all my placements and get bronze 1 RIP

I didn’t say it works cause it doesn’t work at all and I’m the same way with being an onyx player in gears 4 and it puts me in bronze even though I win all 5 matches and get mvp