2v2 gnashers. This is what happens when you listen to the wrong people

Operation 4. This is why the gnasher should have not changed. 99% and they kill me without looking at me. Clean Gnasher just thrown away. Proven evidence. The gnasher is still yet again broken.


Believe it or not but 99% did happen a lot before op4! Lucky you if this was not the case.
What I’m trying to say is often when I play 2v2 it’s more about the connection than the shotgun.

Have just ground out the 10 rounds of ranked 2v2 and reach silver achievements and this was the biggest pain - the hit detection / recognition in ranked 2v2 is an absolute joke. Its like playing a different game (compared to quickplay - very few issues). The lower my ping the worse it is. Thankfully I wont be going back to it