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2v2 gnashers sponging


Sorta like how the demonic entity of raisins crept into people’s diet. Both are detestable, and should be exterminated.

(SchizoPsycho74) #7

Maybe TC should make Spongebob a craftable character.

(GB6 Kazuya) #8

Oh! Mr Krabs is a must!

Can you imagine this laugh after every kill? Very rage-inducing indeed. :smiling_imp:

(GearsVeteranPro) #9

the pc version takes too long to load the store


They already have him in the game. granted the skin isn’t called spongebob and isn’t yellow and goofy

(SM0KIN D4BS) #11

Takes long to load store regardless of console or pc

(GoDiGY) #12

Core 2v2s would be horrible.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #13

I feel like boxes just plays bad, but I did a round of Foundation 2V last night and it was great. The game is sponge city right now. So expect that no matter what mode. The connections are just plain bad for me. There are huge gaps in the animations so I’m dead before the player even goes into their move on my screen.

The only advice I can give is to remember 2V is not core tuning.

(Krylon Blue) #14

That first match we played on KotH Foundation was ridiculously bad. Love when one of the players on sponge city send all 5 of us a message calling us “trash” when we almost won against them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone eat as much as those guys did.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #15

Yea, when I see that happening I urge everyone to get a strong cross going. When the connections are good I’ll run gnasher only in KOTH but if I’m getting BS’d it’s lancer time.

Funny story, late last night we got a squad together and invited a guy that we’ve seen on the enemy side a lot. At one point I told him, “you go for nades, I should cross from balcony because my Lancer is probably the strongest”. He said, “Yea, when I go against you guys you’re the only one I have to watch out for because you’ll down me as soon as I come out of cover.”
I felt both good and bad about hearing that. :smile:

(Krylon Blue) #16

It’s pretty whack that connections can cause your weapons to be so random isn’t it? Tonight maybe it’s my Lancer that works and yours doesn’t. There’s no consistency other than it’s incredibly inconsistent.


Lol. Looks like I missed a lot last night😂

(F Off My Guns) #18

Everyone just misses their shots.
Absolutely zero fault to the game or its netcode. Just missed shots. Trust me, I’m like a Gears expert.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #21

Yeah if only that were true… explain 100% but only downed…explain point blanks being 9% explain 3 shots hit and bleed but u only really hit once according to server… nobody is Missing there shots that much trust and believe there is a real issue in game

(Krylon Blue) #22

I don’t think you caught the sarcasm in there. :joy:

Also, I wouldn’t say no one is missing that many shots. There are some really bad players out there, lol.

(SM0KIN D4BS) #23

My bad bro lol try a smiley or something next time to insinuate emotions… and yeah true ur right to a degree… ive seen some 1v1s where like 4 shots are exchanged and both players miss them all​:joy::joy:

(jedi kazzz) #24

Core 2v2 gnashers would be terrible. Competitive tuning with the gnashers is much less damage than core. You have to be a lot closer to do damage. People shooting you around corners is most likely that little trick when you position your cursor/aim at an angle so you shoot people around corners. Someone made a video and post about it before, showcasing that. Core gnashers would be much less about tactical gameplay and more about sitting back and downing someone in two shots from far away. I’m not saying the weapon tuning in this game is perfect at all, but core wouldn’t fit with gnashers only. Competitive requires you to get closer and maneuver

(W33DKingCA EiTz) #25

Wait what, are you guys saying sponging is intentional? I mean I rekon my single shots are just slighty off centre when a guy takes a frontal hit and lives, but this… for real?? Competative tuning??

(Me0wMix CatFood) #26

Competitive tuning will turn a 2-shot-down into a 3 shot. But, point-blank sponging comes down to 2 things;
-player missed and didn’t realize, often due to flinching and the way the gnasher sways while you move. The enemy might be in the right spot, but your gnasher is pointing in a weird direction.

-hit registration, which can come from a number of things connection related, be it coding, packet loss, etc.

(F Off My Guns) #27

No sarcasm

This game has zero flaws.

Only bad players who miss their shots