2v2 Gnashers Playlist!

After numerous complaints they decided to put execution back in, what about 2v2 gnashers?

Thoughts, suggestions, feedback?

Edit - With that in mind I would like to mention a 1v1 or “Head to head” playlist and FFA.

…2v2…Aka nooby Diamond Central

I’d be interested to try a FFA gametype, for a change.

Yes, I’m aware Judgment had it but I refused to buy that game.

I played a good amount of judgement, I agree with the majority when they say it was not a good addition to the series but I loved the FFA game mode, it was one of if not the most popular playlist. I’ve seen a few people mention FFA would not work in gears but FFA has been a thing for a long while now, people just create private/custom lobbies to do so. Same goes for 1v1 or head to head.


I know, but it would be good as a public playlist. I’m normally in situations where my team is dragging me down like 10 anvils and 20 horses on my back. It would be good to not feel that little weight.

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Agreed! it would be a nice change of pace to have a “Solo” que playlist. Where one could go in and not have to rely on the “team”.

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didnt they say that the 2v2 was going to be in 5 but its still not here and hopefully its not like execution that tod dont count thats what i think is stopping that mode from taking off more then it has.

Say what you will about nooby diamond central, but I found some SWEATY Dom’s when playing that mode. Too many of them, in fact.

You repeat yourself

Mmmmm did I hear someone say sweaty doms?!

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Free for All!

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Yee. Sweaty Doms. Disgusting

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Sweaty Doms? I must have missed something, lol.

With that said, I’m still wondering if this is something the community wants to return, discuss.

You are trying to revive a dead thread Ctoriez…

I forgot to reply to all the spam last week, been busy.

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Aye I feels u

I’d rather have a FFA mode tbh

I would be happy with one of the two.

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