2v2 Gnashers, ping almost unplayable

So i heard 2v2 got bumped into ranked and i thought, ‘Hey, this might be alright’ so i decide to jump on after packing it away for G5 I mean it’s 2v2, right? Gotta try that Instead i find that it doesn’t put me in my region but with people with 200pings. I shot someone four times with a gnasher and got 95%. I shot someone twice with a Gnasher, i got 34%. I point blank someone over cover, i get 70%

I sincerely hope Gears of war 5 will have more people online in multiple regions with proper Netcode. Like, come on - are people just not playing this game EU?

In all my matches (I’m from EU), I never went above 110 or 120 ping.
The people I came across, they had around 5 to 100 ping.
I’ve seen maybe one or two times when someone had 100 or 200 or even fluctuated up to 1100 before going back down again.
I encountered Spanish or Mexican players as well, so either I had 80 to 110 or they had higher 60 to 90 ping.
It wasn’t all bad.
I probably played around 50 games and already gotten Getting Competitive Achievement yesterday.