2V2 Gnashers New Maps

Okay boxes and foundation. I understand it’s no effort to just copy and paste it and import it into gears 5 but come on now.

Reclaimed closed off to bottom barn and maybe Harbour closed off at winch. Possibly Impact closed off at buzzkill or drop shot. It can’t be that hard to implement those maps too for a change right?

Please TC just add in some new variation for 2v2 gnashers. 2 maps is just too little. Especially when most people hate boxes and just pick mid over it playing same map gets boring. And i disliked boxes as well so i don’t want to play that. I got 100s of players to support me on that.


@TC_Clown please have a meeting with your co workers and do something about it.


Good suggestion. I hope they add more maps to it with each season.


I would like Exhibition in boxes, with different places.
Ex: first round in top middle (without lasers :/) and then second round in middle near the dropshot.


Yes, and I hope they take the time to make more FFA maps as well, that way they’ll have less time and resources to make universal maps. You know, the ones that actually matter. :roll_eyes:

Watch em release horde lite next OP and tell us that those will need mode specific maps as well cause reasons. Then we’ll end up with 1 legit real map every 3months.

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I actually really like that idea, Rotation of different places on 1 map.


Its super lazy. Modern warfare have like 10 2v2 maps now that are unique. And its more effort in that game in design. TC has always been a bunch of lazies. Just look at the roster in this game. Its embarrasing they add a mode with 2 maps.


For Honor 2 vs 2 is very similar to this

Probs gonna have a grand total of 4 maps by 2021. I’m pumped


Depressing and true :unamused:.


Would be neat. If they bring back Thrash all, a 2v2 variant of that just set in the center arena would be the best.

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Middle of thrashball is huge if my memory is correct, wouldn’t mind a 3v3 if they did that map

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They could close parts of it off or rearrange the layout like with Boxes.


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