2v2 Gnashers Masters Help?

I know its late in the game to be asking, and I know this might get me a lot of hate here on the forums but…is there anybody that would be willing and able to help me reach Masters rank in 2v2 Gnashers?

I’ve gotten up to high Diamond 2 but haven’t cracked through just yet. I always end up seeming to get paired with an AFK player or someone who just runs directly into the opponents shotgun round after round.

I’m not the best player out there, far from it. I just feel like I’m a good teammate away from being able to reach Masters and would like to get there if possible.

i can help just add me on my second account ZeroGymnast4338
have 67000master points in 2v2 gnashers on this account and 80k on my main. got to masters on both accounts in less than 2 hours of gameplay in 2v2.

Awesome, I just sent you a message on xbox. When would you be available?

just added you homie invite whenever… im on now

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