2v2 Gnashers Map Idea

The Church on Mercy is already pretty secluded, and when people run 1v1’s this section is used as the go to. Simply move the spawns to the entrance of the church, and close off the exits with boxes or walls of some nature, I would even change things up and replace the Frag with a Snub pistol and give both players something to fight over instead of both being able to grab a snub from opposite spawns. Thoughts, ideas, other maps suggestions?

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I always thought the downstairs section on Blood Drive might work. It’s a bit big though (I’m referring to the section from Torque, up to the back by where the Buzzsaw appears).

Or the central section on Forge around the incinirator. Againt, it’s a bit big. The reason I chose Forge is because the round walls around the incinirator would give players some new and interesting angles to work with.

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I like both those ideas, they could simply cut that section a bit smaller, blood drive for example, You come down the stairs and left side has Snub instead of torque,. add boxes/walls to the cover before the buzzsaw so they can’t go past it, I love this idea though, this area would make for some great fights, I think they could manage the forge section too, great idea!

My problem with Blood Drive is that it’s similar to War Machine in that it’s very peek-and-shoot type of gameplay. I’m not a fan of it. Also if you get someone full red, it often doesn’t help you in a fight because it’s just circling around pillars going for chunks.

I enjoy cover fights, as for the corner dancing (circling around pillars) you simply need to use other tactics… Up A & Back A for example would work well in those situations. I like the idea of using the top section from War Machine, that would work well in my opinion.

Just the Boltok Room on Blooddrive.
Spawn back to back.

Worst connection wins.

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Now that’s a terrible idea, lol!

Mercy inner is good.

The platform and snipe part on Checkout map.

Canals and bridges please.

Mercy Church is a cluster *** for 2 people because of the narrow avenues for movement and I’d hate to think what campers would do.
For a 1v1 playlist though, it would be lit. As would Barn in Reclaimed if you put a post in bottom barn.

I never thought of checkout, that could work!

Not sure how they could work this out, but I like the idea.

I like the idea of using the barn, sounds do able, a bit small, but never the less. As for Mercy, many many people use this map for the church layout anyways, it’s a staple for 1v1’s from what I’ve seen. I agree some of the spaces are narrow, but the map is open enough that it creates more angles and such to work with, I think this would be a great map personally.

I’ve seen a ton of GB’s go down in Church for 1Vs but I’ve never seen it used for 2V2s (not that they don’t, I’ve just never seen it, probably because it doesn’t flow well with 4ppl). I know that it’s a big annoyance having multiple people in there in ranked because it’s too easy for teammates to get each other killed since it’s so easy to get in each other’s way. It’s possibly the best 1V location in Gears history though.

Though this is really overlooked, the top area in Fallout would be cool for 2Vs. Roomy and has a lot of different types of cover.

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The 2v2 format should fix the competitive shotgun when some players seem to have a core shotgun and for this reason, the dripping drops.

I’ve noticed this myself, some games I get the water gun…