2v2 Gnashers Help

So is anyone looking for a partner to complete the 2v2 challenges? Pretty much all of my friends have moved on from Gears can’t say I blame them. I’d prefer not to search for a match alone.

I would help you out, but I can’t right now, however as someone that already completed such medals and played solo, I highly suggest you to play with a partner as you’re trying to do, there are more toxic matches in G5 than G4 also I’ve seen teammates get downed and raped with melee (since it does like 51% damage) till death… multiple rounds (Increasing points or just being toxic?).

Also don’t forget that kills in this mode count towards the 250 kills in event modes medal (Don’t know if it’s a bug or something)

Getting raped in 2v2 is nothing new. It comes with the territory. Just like prison you get used to it after a while.

True, it just gets easier with the melee of G5, really hard to nearly impossible to at least kill one when you stand back up.

Even raping someone gets boring after a while lol. But yeah the knife shouldnt even be in 2v2.

My biggest issue with 2v2 is that i cant find matches on PC. Anyone else having this issue? My friend has no problem on xbox, but I cant find matches solo or grouping with him.

I haven’t tried to queue on PC yet but It might be better if you search with another PC player.

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Add me GT D3monR8der i’m on around 4 to 6 pm PT weekdays sometimes and weekends at night 8 pm PT to whatever


I’m also looking for a partner for 2v2 .
Gamertag : quigs1982

I’m looking for someone to help me with 2v2 gnasher I’d prefer not to do it alone. Uk player
Gamertag: kahless clone