2v2 Gnashers Disconnecting AGAIN

Been playing 2v2s the past few days (lots of games) and my friend and I have both been disconnecting in the middle of games. I’m not sure if it’s happening to the opponents as well, but I know my friend and I both disconnect at the same time.

It’s happening more and more often, roughly like every few games. I know people had issues with this when gnashers first came out, but I haven’t seen anything recent (past few days) about this issue.

It happens at the end of any given round. I’ll see the little adapter disconnect icon at the bottom of the screen, and after a few seconds my friend and I will be backed out to the main menu.

Anyone else having this issue?

Yeah, just disconnected 3 games in a row, in the middle of the match. Most recent disconnect was after round 6.

Me too. Same thing with that disconnect icon.

I’ve only had two disconnects and it was against the same team in back to back games. We went up 3-1 and 3-0 in these matches when the disconnections happened. I believe the whole lobby crashes as there’s no rank loss but I find it odd this happened both times we had 3 rounds won against the same team.

You forgot to mention what REALLY caused the crash…bwahahhahaha!

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There’s no way that’s the reason.

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I think that’s a coincidence. Of all the games I’ve disconnected from, my team has been up, sometimes 6 rounds, sometimes 4, idk. But it’s especially annoying when I’m most likely going to win and then I dc haha

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This has happened to me before, I assumed it was the curse of playing Solo and getting partnered with someone…less than satisfactory.

Almost two months later and I’m still experiencing this problem, almost everytime I try to play this gamemode.

Do you pick up a meatshield? There’s a bug if you pick up a meatshield at the end of the round, it will cause the game to crash.

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I may have…I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks

It’s a known bug. I can replicate this every match so keep that in mind when you do it. It doesn’t appear to happen if you pick up the first meatshield. Only if the enemy you pick up wins you the round.

I was playing earlier, picked up a meatshield to end the round, and I did crash. Thanks for this guys.

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