2v2 gnashers boxes how ever u wa not to call it

Should matchmaking be random? , maybe im an idiot but picking 2v2 should not have party chat.OR SQUADS FOR THAT Matter. It should be random … sure this topic. Won’t gain any type of traction with all the bitcing yall fo bue… fa real


Its a team game. People complaining about playing solo and saying teams shouldnt be allowed to play this or that is stupid. Its so easy to find competent players looking to play the same modes as you

Trueachievement, LFG, This place ect.

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They should have separate cues. One for randoms & one for teams.

I mean its only fair. & 2v2 is totally doable to separate the cues. It’s not like a 5v5.

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Nah, I don’t agree. Most gamers play solo. Not everyone always has a friend online. Sometimes pairing up with LFG players is just as bad as going solo because you don’t have that chemistry and communication as people who are friends.

Last thing I want to do coming home from working 11 hrs in a crowded warehouse is talking to even more people. I want to escape from it. As do most gamers. I feel like TC should cater to that. I believe halo and cod have both done their own playlist in the past with just solo players.

But I understand your point at the same time, and I also understand the detriment to having too many playlists. It’s a tough situation to deal with. Playing solo sucks, but occasionally going against a stack isn’t as bad, not until your high up in rank. I guess I’ll stop playing that game mode once I get up there. Too frustrating.

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I’ve never had an issue with playing Solo. I had a partner in Gears 3 for 5 years as well as a common group from predecessor titles. However, these days I’m playing Solo due to limited game time.

It doesn’t bother me, I’m far used to it, but I do remember a playlist on Gears 3 called “Mercenary”. It was TDM with no stacks allowed. Putting this into Quickplay wouldn’t take much effort and would allow Solo players to have the comfort knowing everyone is in the same situation, the exceptions of chance meetings between players who know each other.

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I don´t see the big deal separating solo and party queues. If the matchmaking takes more than 3 minutes then you can mix them. It´s not something new to online gaming.