2v2 | Brothers To The End

New forums, new request to make that BTTE permanent! Had so much fun when the event was up. Perhaps a little refinement needed, and would definitely like all maps in rotation.

I enjoy TDM, but it’s rare to have 5 friends on at the same time, whereas in BTTE i just need one mate online for some intense gameplay!

Come on TC, you know it makes sense!


I can’t remember exactly so don’t quote me on this, but I think they did say if the mode was very popular they may make it permanent.

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All the way, those lobbies were the best.

I just really hope its comp settings too. Iove the event

Agreed!! please make permanent

Fingers crossed!

Yes agreed.

I got the most play out of gears in months during BTTE with a friend for the very reasons Breakbeat mentioned.

Also I find 2v2 easier to coordinate and play tactically because unless you are lucky enough to have 4 friends that play well as a team and attack opponents in a well executed chess like game then 2v2 will always come out on top tactics wise for me. Deathmatch is great for a pic up and play experience but you often have low kill teammates that rush in and let the team down. 2v2 is far more coordinated and you know you only have yourself to blame when you loose.

Also camaraderie and communication wise BTTE beats TDM hands down. The few games I had with randoms when my teammate was offline on my BTTE team asked to form a party and we’re ready to play as a team and make new alliances. Much better socially than TDM.

So please make Brothers To The End a permanent play list for your loyal fans!!!

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We’re open to keeping it around permanently! We’re going to keep trying different 2v2 events to gauge interest and listen to your feedback before we make any moves though.

I will say Brothers To The End was pretty popular and had a great response from the community - we definitely took notice of that.


Would it be core or comp? And any possibility at a wingman event?



Different 2 vs 2 events?
Wonder if they’re ever gonna try a 2 vs 2 KOTH.

So… When the 2v2 playlist comes back around, is this going to be “with comp tuning” or will this count as a competitive gametype?

HELL YEAH :metal::muscle:

Fantastic news and thanks for giving us the heads up! Is the 2v2 gnashers only a permanent playlist or special event?

When, when?? is making an echo here

Why did you choose 2v2 boxes over BTTE? Booooo!

So does the 2v2 playlist count as “competitive” for the achievements?