2v2/3v3 Escape Mode

I’m a versus kind of guy and Horde isn’t for me and I doubt I’ll play Escape but…

I think it would be cool to have a versus Escape mode similar to the areas in the Gears 4 campaign where you are split from the team you are versing.

First team out survives while the other team gets annihilated in a cutscene.

Add the ability to hinder the other team by shooting objects, denying weapon spawns or blowing open doors on the opposing side releasing more mobs.

What do you guys think? Maybe for Gears 6?

Body block szn

So… forcing PvE enemies on PvP players? I don’t see this working. If you wanna fight players, then Versus. If you wanna fight enemies, then go into Campaign, bots Versus, Horde, Escape… etc.

No, it would be a race mode based on the new escape mode. Players would be unable to kill each other and each team would have their own separate path through the map while being visible to their opponents and fighting through swarm.

In the Gears 4 co-op campaign there are areas where they split the party and you have to work cooperatively to get through but you are unable to join your friend.

Transition this into a mode where you are working with a friend against the other team to get to the end first without being able to directly harm the other team.

And add strategic means for slowing down the opposing team like shooting objects to release obstacles they will have to take cover from or shooting an explosive barrel that removes a boomshot spawn from the opposing side.