2long2wait4a versus game

Spending20mins2half an hour trying to get an escalation game,can’t something be done about it,doesn’t TC want Europe playing it or what?

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I guess the problem is that Europe doesn’t want to play it lol

Feels, feels. Even with a mate I had to switch from Ranked TDM to 2’s to bugger around on for laughs.

Doesn’t make sense that though,only have to wait about20secs for a game of Horde on inconceivable,no matter what time of day it is and only about a minute for a game of versus on quick match.

What search times are you getting with Ranked?

I haven’t been able to get into Escalation since the region lock and I’m from the UK.

I gave up trying a long time ago now, I don’t either play anymore. Just thought I’d chime in, because I mentioned this so many times and TC never replied or had anything to say for why I couldn’t get a game in.

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The thing is TC cannot do anything about it there should be that amount of players searching for that match at that time when u are searching for the match in your region, it also depends on how many people u are searching with
If u have a team of 5 and other people have a team of 5 u will get match immediately over a single of u searching in which u will get left out while the other 5 stacked team getting match
Now a days casual playres dont even play esc they either play koth or tdm in core

about20mins and then the lobby dissolves more often then not and i go right back to looking again and that’s on both escalation and execution,it’s ridiculous,only have to wait about a minute on social quickplay,so theres something wrong technically with the ranked lobbies

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