2K Takes shot at TC in BL 3

So there’s a mission in Borderlands 3 that goes like this:

It’s a Video game inside the game where you are to escort the Hero through enemy infested areas and keep her alive.

At the beginning of each level you overhear the mission giver ( a developer of the game) complain about how broken the game is. You are forced to make a micro transaction at the end of each level to keep going. Not a real transaction. A fake in game one just as an attempt at humor.

At one point near the end of the mission the developer says something to the effect of:

“Just one more micro transaction and I promise you that we’ll have enough money to finally give you a game that will probably actually work”. Not verbatim but close to that.

If that wasn’t a direct shot at TC and GOW 5 than it was close, or at least games like this one that are broken at launch and offer a ton of micro transactions.

To be fair… the latest fix in BL3 has broken the Perks menu and effects so yeah… having problems as well.

When did having opposable thumbs become the only qualification for writing game code?

I played that mission and I don’t think it was a shot at TC but more as the recent state of gaming companies pumping out unfinished products a whole right now.

Which is also a mission I found extremely ironic because I’ve basically been playing BL3 from launch day and while microtransactions are basically nonexistent, the bugs & horrendous lag especially in terms of multiplayer (that still goes on today sadly) that have sadly plagued an otherwise great game are sorta-kinda reflected by the mission


Yeah, zero chance it was a shot at TC. I want some of what this guy’s smoking.



No. Just, no.

GOW isn’t the only game out there that uses microtransactions. Microtransactions have been a thing for over a decade or so. Buggy games have been around for even longer.


This was a jab at broken games at launch in general. What connection does TC have at all with Gearbox? Is there some feud I missed?


When I talked about this with various friends months ago, the first thing everyone said was, “It’s The Coalition!!” and laughed. Granted, all 5 of us met in Gears but still, it’s the first thing that came to mind for everyone.

A couple of them wondered if they directly targeted TC but in sure that’s not the case. TC is just one of many devs that BL3 was poking fun at. And, they have every right to. They have given far more content than Gears 5, an incredible amount of free skins, and are still doing a lot to support the game and new content including free DLC type missions/challenges.

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I would imagine it being directed at the games industry as a whole, rather than a specific jab at TC.

If anything specific, I would imagine being aimed at more direct competitors, like Destiny.

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That’s not a shot at TC/Gears specifically. It’s a shot at the gaming industry as a whole. Selling an unfinished product with the promise of finishing it with the profit made off of MTX. Gears is by no means the only game that has predatory MTX.

Not defending TC but Gearbox and 2K Games pretending to be any better than devs like that is hilarious…

Literally staring into a mirror and making fun of yourself unironically



this is quite the reach OP

Gearbox most likely have no idea how MTX are even handled in Gears 5 and this is more about the industry in general.

OP needs to play more games

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Seeing as BL3 was released right after Gears 5 there’s no way they could have known how bad of launch Gears was gonna have

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Maybe they played the tech test.

Unfortunately I think Mr. Pitchford is the biggest reason why Gearbox & the Borderlands franchise have tainted images, yknow, with Pr disasters all over the place. Lost USB stick, anyone?

But it is funny how they’re poking fun at developers for launching games in a broken state, yet Borderlands 3 was a ■■■■■■■ garbage fire after it released :man_facepalming:


Sadly the tech test ran better than the game did at launch

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Never forget Aliens Colonial Marines.

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No, the real punchline is that it’s Gearbox taking shots.

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I think the nba 2k series has sadly become the worst example of greedy micro transactions.

Do you remember the Server Queuing that they had on day 1 of the tech test

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Well not personally because I got in after 5 mins but a bunch of my friends where having long waits

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