2days random ban?!

Hi everyone, I’ve got a 2days ban at random and I don’t get why because I did nothing wrong, no trash talk, no cheats and no quit. It doesn’t let me play anything, only LAN custom. There is a way to solve it? Hope someone can help me.

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Nothing you can do, but I bet it will work itself out in a couple of days.


I dont think u get banned for no reason tho, just use a different profile for now.


Bans are random. Did you quit or get disconnected multiple times?

You beat me to it :joy:

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You dont get that large of a ban for no reason at all

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You had to have done something wrong.

Have u been banned before ??

2 days is quite a lot for a 1st ban🤔

I really wish we would get another public execution and have one of TCs employees post the actual reason for the ban.


I work all day. As I said I never quit and no trash talk. So I don’t understand why.

What about disconnections?

I really don’t understand. I barely play cos of my job and when I can I DON’T quit and never trash talk. It’s frustrating tbh, I came back home from work and I can’t play lol. I guess I’ve to wait 2days at random. Gg coalition

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Is it possible someone else used ur account while u were out??

U could try a support ticket so u could at least get a reason for it.

I remember the old days of TC Octus when he would appear like a magical unicorn and point out how a person had a certain amount of quitting a ranked match. Was always good for a laugh.


What I find a bit interesting is that the OP addresses the areas of quitting, cheating and trash-talking. But they don’t touch on the topic of disconnecting at all despite us asking them. I can’t help but think that the ban is because of disconnections which granted isn’t really in the OP’s control, but nonetheless leads to bans because the system cannot differentiate between disconnections and quitting, and regardless it affects other player’s game experience.

I have seen other ppl report they got kicked but no ban, i wonder if it just stacks them up to a point then its a ban, as i said before 2 days is quite long.

As usual tho every update does more harm than good😒

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Has the game ever randomly disconnected you from ranked matches for no reason?
You still get penalized for the random disconnects regardless of if you voluntarily quit or not; it is a server issue that will hopefully get sorted-out sooner or later.

Seems odd their first ban would be for 2 days though if it was disconnects. Maybe they always stopped playing after a disconnect and therefore didn’t notice the shorter bans?

“I did nothing wrong” … gets a two day ban